The 31 Days Of Self-Care Challenge

31 days of self-care challenge

Do you want to start your own self-care journey but you aren’t sure where you should begin?

Self-care can be intimidating at first. There has been such an influx of self-care information all over the place in the last couple of years.

It can be easy to feel like new information is flying at you a mile a minute.  

Are you supposed to focus on one area of self-care at a time? Should you be trying everything all at once to figure out what you like? Do you need a checklist? Should you try a worksheet?  

One of the biggest reasons it took me so long to start my own self-care journey, was because I was intimidated and overwhelmed.  

I was experiencing burnout, and just the thought of self-care overwhelmed and exhausted me before I had even begun. 

So my number one tip to anyone starting to look into self-care is always to start small. 

Instead of trying to do all of the self-care things at once, it would be wise to start with one or two activities at a time. 

An easy way to do this can be to try a self-care challenge. This is where you commit to trying one new small self-care thing everyday for a month.

Before you even know it, the month will be over and you will have completed 31 whole new self-care activities

Even if you aren’t new to self-care, trying a challenge to refocus yourself, or to gain some new insight is never a bad thing. 

You can even challenge a friend, a loved one, or a co-worker who you think could use some extra self-love right now, and have someone else to hold you accountable.

Or if you are competitive like my husband and I are, you can do it simple for the sake of competition.  

Can you complete the most days?

31 days of self-care challenge

  1. Make a new music playlist 
  2. Take a hot bath or long shower 
  3. Purge your social media of anything unhealthy, negative, or toxic 
  4. Try a new workout 
  5. Post a positive affirmation on your mirror 
  6. Cook a new recipe you have been meaning to try 
  7. Catch up with someone you have lost touch with
  8. Send a thoughtful letter to a loved one with a list of all the things you appreciate about them 
  9. Have a cozy movie night 
  10. Take a long walk 
  11. Read at least 10 minutes of a self-improvement book 
  12. Blast your favorite song 
  13. Try journaling—if you need help getting started try out some journal prompts 
  14. Eat a meal outside 
  15. Go one whole day without checking your social media 
  16. Try a new puzzle, riddle or game
  17. Find a simple yoga, deep breathing, or meditation video on the internet and try it 
  18. Declutter the space around your bed 
  19. Wear your favorite outfit 
  20. Meet up with a good friend and try a new activity
  21. Create something new – A poem, art, a story, build something etc. 
  22. Take a power nap 
  23. Buy yourself something nice 
  24. Try a new face mask 
  25. Create a travel bucket list 
  26. Hug a loved one or a pet 
  27. Listen to a motivational podcast 
  28. Make your favorite breakfast 
  29. Make a Pinterest board and pin inspiring and motivational quotes to it
  30. Write down any dreams you had 
  31. Do one thing on your to-do list that you have been avoiding 

After 31 days you will have some fresh ideas for new self-care activities that you love, or it will at least inspire you to continue experimenting on your own self-care journey.

Remember, self-care is such a personal thing. If you don’t enjoy something, that is okay. You just need to find something you do enjoy.

Did I miss anything that you would love to see on this list? Let me know. 

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