7 Reasons Why Self-care Is How You Take Your Power Back

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In 2021 I went through a major life overhaul. One morning I woke up and although I should have been happy, I was miserable.  The stress in my life had gotten so bad that it was causing massive amounts of overwhelm and burnout, and I felt like everything in my life had grown completely out of my control. 

Can you think back to a time in your life when you felt like you had no control over the things happening around you? Maybe you were in the middle of a breakup, or lost a job, or were struggling with finances, or your health or any other reason that you felt like things were happening to you, instead of you making them happen.  

The reason our lives can feel so out of control is that we are overwhelmed and stressed out. The best way to regain the power we feel we have lost in our lives is to make self-care the ultimate priority. 

In fact, a study in the U.S shows that medical students who engage in self-care have reduced stress and a higher quality of life.

In this post, we are going to go into detail about why you can feel like your life is out of control, why self-care can help, and 7 reasons why self-care is how you take your power back.  

7 Reasons why your life feels out of control 

1) Relationship problems 

Relationships are a very central point in most people’s lives, so when an important relationship is thrown off balance, maybe due to a divorce, a death, or a fight, it can cause our whole world to descend into chaos. Feeling trapped in a toxic relationship, or a crumbling one that you can’t seem to save can increase those negative feelings. 

2) Increased stress 

It is very easy for what starts as small amounts of stress to begin to snowball in your life if you aren’t careful. Without addressing the cause of your stress, stress can continue to grow until your whole life feels like it’s out of your control and you become so overwhelmed that you no longer know how to handle day-to-day problems.  

3) Health problems

Health can be a big cause of stress in a person’s life, and although you may be responsible for many aspects of your own health, genetic conditions, chance, and environmental factors could lead to a person feeling like their health is out of their control. 

4) Work 

It can be easy to become consumed or overwhelmed with what may be going on in the workplace. Sudden changes by an employer, a shuffle in co-workers, or increased workload pressures can all increase stress and lead to a lack of control. 

5) Choices made by other people 

Sometimes the choices made by the other people in our lives can have a negative effect on us as well. For example, my husband has two children from a previous relationship. Their custody agreement and the conflict or disagreements that happened between the two of them often lead to me feeling like choices were being made that directly affected my life that I technically had no say in. The repercussions of the choices my husband made by having children with someone else affects me, even though their relationship was over a long time ago. 

6) World events 

The events going on in the world are often something that none of us have any semblance of control over. Things like the pandemic, or civil unrest, or politics, can lead to us feeling like other people are controlling what is happening in our lives. 

7) Lack of self-confidence 

When we are indecisive, it can cause us to worry about if we have made the right decisions in our lives, and sometimes essentially feel trapped by those choices.

7 Reasons why you should use self-love to take your power back 

Below are several reasons why self-care is how you take your power back. 

1) Increased Physical health 

When we take care of ourselves physically, by eating healthier, getting more rest, and being more physically active, we increase our strength and stamina which prepares us to better handle the challenges that life throws at us. Studies also show that exercise can lead to greater self-control.

2) Strong Boundaries 

By using self-care to develop strong boundaries, we can eliminate many of the main causes of stress in our lives. Deciding to not watch the news if current events are stressing you out, or choosing to say no to taking any overtime if you are overwhelmed at work, are some examples of boundaries that can help you take your power back. When we say no to people that may be trying to take advantage of us, we also regain our sense of control. 

3) Positive thinking 

Taking great care of ourselves tends to lead to more positive thinking and motivation. When we are thinking positively, we are more resistant to stress and many of the negative things that happen to us, don’t seem to affect us as much as before.  

4) More confidence 

The greater our self-care or self-love, the more confidence we have.  When we are aware of how our emotions and beliefs drive our thinking, affect our judgment, and influence our behavior, we are able to navigate our lives with much more confidence.  

5) Strong support system 

With good self-care often comes a strong support system. This includes loved ones, friends, and even mental health professionals. Talking about our concerns and worries with people we trust stops them from becoming overwhelming and enables us to feel like we continue to retain that control.

6) Less free time to worry

When our time is being used in constructive ways, like developing hobbies and passions, we have less time to worry about what is wrong in the world and more time to focus on what is right.  

7) Optimism 

When we think more positively, our thoughts become more clear and it can be easier to understand that things won’t always be this way and they will get better.  

5 Ways we can use self-care to take our power back 

1) Get some rest 

By taking a break, sleeping more, meditating, destressing, and practicing self-care, it allows us to experience a reset and recharge our batteries. Doing so will enable us to face our problems head-on and possibly come up with new solutions we haven’t considered to what we are currently going through. 

2) Self-awareness

A big part of self-care and self-love is getting to know ourselves. When we know what things upset us, or affect our emotions, and what drives us to respond the way we do, we take better control of our lives and our responses to things.  

3) Changing our perspective 

When we use self-care to think more positively, our perspective begins to change. Maybe there are parts of what is happening to us that we can control, or ways to improve our situation or outlook. 

4) Boundaries 

Sometimes, many of our problems are a byproduct of who we surround ourselves with. When we use self-care to create strong boundaries, it helps us to be more conscious of how those people might have been negatively affecting us. It also enables us to eliminate toxic people from our lives. 

When we surround ourselves with people who encourage us, nurture us and support us, you would be surprised how many aspects of our lives will start to change for the better. 

5) Changing the small things 

If something overwhelming is happening to us that feels like we have no control over, it can help to change some things we do have control over. Eating better, sleeping better, and getting more exercise can help us to feel like we are regaining control over our life one small step at a time. 

Final Thoughts…

Self-care and learning to love ourselves can be a huge tool to help us regain control in situations that might leave us feeling out of control. 

Take care of yourself.

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