My life used to be a complete chaotic hot mess.

Have you ever woken up one day, looked around at your life, and realized you couldn’t understand how you had gotten there? Maybe you were miserable, or stuck in a job you hated, or a toxic environment, or not happy with your relationship, or financial status, or weight or health or… you get the picture.

I was all of the above.

One day I woke up and realized I was in a marriage that was struggling, in an unhealthy body that was over one hundred pounds overweight, and trapped in a high-stress career that I had grown to hate.

Terrified and burned out, I had my first panic attack (followed by many more) which lead to a full mental breakdown. I was put on stress leave from my career for over half a year.

Those six months were miserable. I hardly bothered to get out of bed. I had lost myself and had no idea how to even begin to fix my life, or if it were even possible.

I felt trapped. 



My life had seemed so perfect from the outside so how had I gotten there?

My Life Before Self-Love

I’d always been a perfectionist and overachiever. I was on the honor roll every year and involved with tons of extra-curricular activities. Straight out of high school, I went on to pursue my secondary education and graduated from a high-demand program with several job offers. I married a successful and wonderful man. We bought a beautiful home and started our lives together. 

But if I had done everything I was supposed to, why did I wake up one day and suddenly feel like I was failing at life?

The problem was I had been so hyper-focused on achieving what I thought was expected of me, and so concentrated on making everyone else around me happy, that I had neglected myself the entire time.

No one ever taught me the importance of self-care or self-love growing up. I didn’t love myself. I didn’t even recognize who I was anymore.

Then, I discovered Self-Love...

After wallowing in self-pity for longer than I will ever care to admit, I finally realized the only one in control of my life was me. If I wanted to fix things and be happy—truly happy—then I would have to figure out how to do it myself.

Using my education and over a decade of professional experience in health and wellness, I crawled out of bed and began to regain control of my life. I dove headfirst into healing myself and into all things self-improvement, self-care, and self-love.

Slowly I began to come back to life, and the more I learned to love myself, the more my life began to transform around me. It wasn’t easy but by doing the work and focusing on myself for the first time ever, I’ve begun to experience the greatest comeback of my life.

  • The weight began to melt off
  • I have never been healthier
  • My marriage is the strongest it has ever been
  • New career opportunities began to appear for me
  • I truly love my life now, instead of just experiencing it and watching another day that I can never get back escape me.

The beginning of Creating Self Love...

However, the happier and more fulfilled I become, the more I notice just how many people are where I used to be—struggling and unhappy.

That is why I created Creating Self Love. By sharing every step of my own brutally honest journey and the hard lessons, invaluable tools, and hard-won knowledge I have gained along the way, my aim is to prevent people from ending up where I was and to help others actually improve their lives and achieve true happiness.

I am so happy you are finally here.

caitlin with makeup3 About

Self-Love will improve your life!

The first thing we are taught growing up is how to be kind to other people… we are very rarely taught how to be kind and love ourselves. 

But self-love is so important if we want to be truly happy in life. 

Self-love will:

  • Improve your mental health by reducing your levels of stress, anxiety and depression
  •  Increase your confidence by learning to accept yourself unconditionally which will allow you to pursue your goals and dreams
  • Improve your relationships, leading to more authentic and fulfilling connections with others
  • Increase your happiness and fulfillment by finally pursuing your passions and living an authentic life
And so much more!

How can Self-Love do all of that?

I want to help you achieve everything that I have and more – and in a faster time than it took for me to experiment and experience trial and error.

  • I will teach you the foundations of self-love and what it really means
  • I will gently guide you on your own self-love journey as you learn self-acceptance, self-forgiveness, and improve your self-worth
  • I will show you how to use your newfound self-love as a superpower to achieve everything you have ever wanted in life


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