30 Powerful ADHD Affirmations You Need To Try

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In 2021 I was diagnosed with ADHD, and since then I have learned so much. 

I know I’m not the only one who felt like my diagnosis was like the final puzzle piece finally sliding into it’s place so now I could see the complete picture and everything made sense. 

I’ve always known I was different. Things always seemed much harder for me than they were for other people. But like most women, I was so good at masking my symptoms and trying hard to appear “neurotypical”, that my ADHD went undiagnosed until I was in my early 30’s.  

But I’ve struggled my whole life. 

Positivity has always been a difficult thing for me to achieve. Constantly feeling like I was never good enough led to me becoming bitter, and angry. I didn’t see the point of being positive, because good things didn’t happen to me anyway. 

However, I found that affirmations really helped to alter my mindset and were an amazing tool on my journey to self-love and true happiness. 

General affirmations are great. However, I’ve found that the ones that are tailored specifically to your own situation and goals are more powerful. 

In this article I’m going to share exactly what affirmations are, why affirmations are useful when you have ADHD, and some examples of affirmations for ADHD. 

What is an affirmation?  

A positive affirmation is a short statement that helps us to overcome our negative thoughts and become more positive. 

By repeating a positive statement many times, those negative statements have less room to take shape in our mind. According to the Cleveland Clinic, positive affirmations can literally change negative behavior and thoughts.

How do affirmations for ADHD help people with ADHD? 

People with ADHD often struggle with confidence 

I don’t find it very surprising that many of us with ADHD have low self-esteem. When we are constantly being told we aren’t good enough. Or we need to sit still. Or be quiet. Or focus. Or pay attention.

All that critique can leave us feeling like anything we do is never good enough. 

It doesn’t help that we often set higher standards for ourselves than we do for the other people in our lives. All of this can leave us with some pretty poor self-esteem. 

But by using positive affirmations, we begin to repeat these positive things about ourselves over and over again, which helps to improve our confidence. 

ADHD can cause us to self-sabotage 

Unfortunately, people with ADHD are no strangers to trying something and failing. It can be frustrating when we feel like other people can do things that seem to come natural to them, but we struggle with those same things. 

Wanting to avoid that failure can lead to us avoiding even trying in the first place. When we don’t try we can’t fail. So sometimes our minds present us with excuses, or ways that we can self-sabotage ourselves. 

Positive affirmations can fully prepare us to avoid self-sabotaging attitudes and behaviors. 

People with ADHD often procrastinate 

For those of us that have ADHD, procrastination is often influenced by the symptoms of our condition.  

Studies show that teens and adults with ADHD can use procrastination as a compensation strategy. If we have a hard task ahead of us, it can be easier to procrastinate and avoid thinking about that fact that something may be too challenging for our skills or abilities.

Using positive affirmations can help to increase motivation to try these tasks, even knowing that we might fail. 

An ADHD affirmation that says "I can embrace the fact that I have ADHD"

What are some examples of ADHD affirmations? 

  1. I am happy with who I am and who I can become 
  2. I believe in myself 
  3. I am my best source of motivation 
  4. I am strong 
  5. I accept my feelings about ADHD 
  6. I am worthy of all the good things in life 
  7. I am not my disorder 
  8. Every day I become more confident 
  9. It’s okay if I struggle with my ADHD 
  10. I choose positivity 
  11. I am enough 
  12. I value myself 
  13. I believe in my abilities 
  14. I am stronger than my struggles 
  15. I deserve the love I receive  
  16. My differences make me beautiful 
  17. I am improving every day in all ways 
  18. Great things are happening to me every day 
  19. I am stronger than my fears 
  20. My happiness doesn’t depend on other people’s opinions 
  21. I can let go of my insecurities 
  22. I can embrace the fact that I have ADHD 
  23. I am not afraid of the unknown 
  24. I can overcome every setback 
  25. I create my own destiny  
  26. I trust myself 
  27. My feelings matter 
  28. I am loved for who I am 
  29. I don’t need validation from others 
  30. It’s okay to leave my comfort zone 

Although affirmations can seem simple, they can be a powerful tool for change. Not only are they free, but they only take a few minutes out of your day. Isn’t that worth potentially improving your life? 

Do you have any ADHD affirmations that I’ve missed?

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