7 Types Of ADHD Jobs To Avoid In 2023

ADHD jobs to avoid

I ended up working in the health and wellness field for many years before I ever received my ADHD diagnosis. However, several of us that worked closely together ended up realizing we were neurodivergent around the same short period of time.

That situation made me wonder what types of jobs out there are better suited to people with ADHD, and which jobs people with ADHD should avoid.

Below we are going to review the types of ADHD jobs to avoid, examples of the worst careers for ADHD, the best types of jobs for people with ADHD, examples of ADHD jobs to look for, and tips for finding the right job with ADHD.

Types Of ADHD Jobs To Avoid

What are the common characteristics of a job that someone with ADHD might want to steer clear from? Some of the common ones include:

1) Jobs that have you sitting still for a long period of time

People that have the hyperactive type of ADHD might find being required to sit still for extended periods of time extremely difficult and uncomfortable.

Being stuck in a boring meeting for hours with no escape could be torture for some.

2) Something you find boring

What topics you find boring is very subjective, especially when you have ADHD. A topic that you become hyperfocused on might be one that someone else with ADHD struggles to pay attention to.

Everyone has different interests, but if you end up in a job you find boring, you may find yourself struggling to pay attention which may lead to poor job performance.

3) Something that is the same every single day

While some people with ADHD might find comfort in repetitive tasks, many others also struggle with checking out and struggling to pay attention when there aren’t enough new things to keep tasks interesting.

4) Something slow paced

Neurodivergent people often struggle with being bored. Without enough tasks, customers, or work to keep us stimulated, we tend to get into trouble.

5) Something too structured

Too much structure can feel stifling for people with ADHD. Without the freedom to be able to do the job the way that we are able to do it best, we can run into trouble.

Feeling micromanaged, or like every second of the day is accounted for can be too much for some people.

6) Something not structured enough

On the other hand, something that gives us too much freedom and not enough structure can be a struggle too. Many of us struggle with executive dysfunction, so without checks and balances in place to ensure that we are completing our tasks we may struggle to be productive at all.

7) Something with no clear goal or focus

Without a goal to focus on, or a clear sense of direction, many people with ADHD will lose all their productivity. When you don’t know what you are trying to accomplish, why would you try to accomplish much of anything at all?

Examples of the Worst Careers for ADHD

This list is subjective. Everyone has different ADHD symptoms, as well as different types, and varying personal interests. But this is a list of the most commonly reported jobs that people with ADHD have struggled with:

  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Project Management
  • Consulting
  • Most office jobs
  • Data entry
  • Clerical work
  • Editor
  • Librarian

Best Types of Jobs For People With ADHD

1) Something that requires you to move around

Most people with ADHD find that they thrive in jobs that have them moving around, or doing physical labor. This helps to keep our attention focused.

2) Something fast-paced

When a job is fast-paced and exciting, it tends to work better with the attention space of people with ADHD. People with ADHD often seem to thrive in chaotic environments, so you might actually find that you do wonderfully in this type of career.

3) Something that energizes you

Many people with ADHD have areas of interest that they just can’t get enough of. When you find something that you are passionate about that can hold your interest for a long period of time that is a sign that it might be time to look into going into that field of work.

4) Something that lets you be creative

People with ADHD are often some of the most creative people you will ever meet. Finding a job that lets you express your creativity is often a great fit.

Examples of ADHD jobs to look for

While not all these jobs will be a good fit for everyone with ADHD, many of these jobs are ones that people with ADHD have reported enjoying, or finding a lot of success in:

  • Chef
  • Paramedic
  • Working in construction
  • Nursing
  • Entertainment industry
  • Events
  • Bartending
  • Firefighter
  • Social Worker
  • Pharmacist
  • Real Estate Agent

Tips for finding the right job with ADHD

1) Do some self-reflection

What type of personality do you have? Are you an introvert? Do you like being around people? What are your interests?

These are all crucial questions to ask yourself and their answers will help you discover what type of job would be the best fit for you.

2) Identify your strengths and limitations

Maybe you are really great at using technology but you struggle with social anxiety. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses will help to lead you in the right direction

3) Define your needs

Do you need a job that allows you the flexibility to work from home a few days a week? What about a job that lets you work a specific number of hours?

Defining your needs will help you narrow down a list of potential jobs to find the best one for you.

4) Try job-shadowing or talk to someone who works in that job first

Before you make any big commitments, such as pursuing a degree, it would be a good idea to do some research and find out as much as you can about a potential career as possible.

Job shadowing will allow you to see what it is actually like to work a job before you actually make any decisions.

5) Speak to a therapist

It could be wise to seek out advice from a mental health professional while searching for a new career. Not only will they be able to provide some valuable insight, but they might have their own suggestions on what could be a good fit for you.

Final Thoughts on ADHD Jobs to Avoid…

It is important to remember that everyone with ADHD is different. There are jobs that many people with ADHD might struggle with that you could be amazing at and vice versa.

It would be wise to gather as much information as possible, as well as to do a lot of self-reflection to ensure you are making the decision that is best for you.

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