22 Funny ADHD Memes To Make You Laugh

ADHD memes

Something that can always seem to put a smile on my face or cheer me up when I have been struggling is memes. I love to search for them. I love to see them as I am scrolling down my timeline on social media. And I love to send them to friends and family that I think will find them funny or relatable. 

Since receiving my ADHD diagnosis, ADHD memes have been some of my favorites on the list. My sister and I send them back and forth all of the time and get a kick out of them. 

That is why I decided to share a roundup list of my favorite ADHD memes to make you laugh

Why Should You Look at ADHD Memes? 

ADHD memes can do a great job of cheering people up when they need a smile or a laugh. They are a good reminder not to take life so seriously. 

Whether you have just received a diagnosis, or you have known you’ve had ADHD since you were a child, they also can help you realize that you aren’t alone. There are other people out there that are struggling with the same things you are and are going through the same challenges. That is what makes memes so relatable. 

ADHD Memes


ADHD meme time management

“Time management when you have ADHD: Okay, shouldn’t take long. Between an hour and, um, 11 months.”  

Time management is something that many people with ADHD struggle with, which is what makes this ADHD meme so relatable.  


ADHD meme dog

“What an ADHD Brain sees something new” 

“It’s okay to be unproductive every once in a while. I did nothing the whole day but tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow I’m gonna do everything I wanted to do today. I’ll wake up and immediately start doing stuff”  

You get two ADHD memes for the price of one in this one. The first one is a cute Husky with a funny expression, looking as if its mind is blown when it sees new information, which is something many people with ADHD can relate to.  

The second meme shows all the things that many people with ADHD tell themselves to feel better when they struggle with task paralysis and executive dysfunction.  


ADHD meme inattention

“When you lose your keys because of your inattention but your ADHD furiously lashes out as if it were someone else’s fault: Where are they?!”  

Do you have ADHD and struggle with losing your items or misplacing them?  


ADHD meme brain

“Brain: Hey you goin’ to sleep?  Person: Yes, now shut up  Brain:Forget sleep, you have ADHD. Now, let’s listen to the FRIENDS theme on repeat in your head.” 

When you have ADHD you will struggle with getting your mind to shut off and shut down, especially at night when it is time to sleep. 

Relatable ADHD Memes


ADHD meme relatable

“Depression and Anxiety. Let’s see who this really is. Untreated ADHD” 

Many people who are diagnosed with ADHD either struggle with depression and anxiety, or have been misdiagnosed with Anxiety and Depression when it has actually been undiagnosed ADHD all along.  


ADHD meme funny

“Trying to act surprised at your diagnosis like you haven’t been researching it obsessively for the past six months.” 

As someone who has been diagnosed with ADHD, I wasn’t surprised when I received my clinical diagnosis. It was something that I had been suspecting I had for months because of the research I had been doing, as I am sure many of us have done. 


ADHD meme ironic

“Adults: You’re gifted. 9 year old me: Smile  18 year old me: I think I have ADHD  Adults: Labels aren’t important” 

This one is showing the irony, that when we were children many times there was a race to label us, especially if it was something good, but now that people are struggling with things like ADHD, many adults are saying it doesn’t matter, or the diagnosis of ADHD doesn’t matter. 


ADHD meme sensory processing

“Sensory processing disorder. What it looks like: Tag sticking out at the back of a shirt. What it feels like: Cactus poking your neck out of the back of the shirt.” 

If you have ADHD and one of your symptoms is sensory processing disorder, many people won’t understand how annoying it is, or how much certain sounds, textures, noises, etc can actually affect you. 


funny ADHD meme

“When you haven’t posted in 3 weeks because your ADHD wanted to do something else and you have 10+ notifications.” 

Anyone who has struggled with hyperfocus knows that sometimes you can fall down a rabbit hole and your other responsibilities or priorities get neglected. 


funny ADHD memes

“Me trying to grab an assignment that is due today. Executive dysfunction holding onto me as I try to grab the assignment due today.” 

Executive dysfunction makes it difficult to get tasks done. 

Funny ADHD Memes


ADHD memes funny

“How time feels for an ADHDer when they have to do anything that is remotely uninteresting. 1 hour here is 7 years on earth.” 

Nothing can seem like torture more than being forced to pay attention to something that is boring or uninteresting when you have ADHD. This contributes to time blindness. When you are hyperfocused it is easy to lose track of time, but when you are stuck trying to focus on something uninteresting, it can seem like hours have passed when it has only been minutes.  


ADHD memes laugh

“People: Why don’t you just focus? Me: has ADHD that has gotten worse. My goodness, what an idea. Why didn’t I think of that.” 

In case you didn’t pick up on this, the entire meme is sarcasm at it’s finest. Nothing can be more frustrating when you have ADHD than to have neurotypical people who don’t understand try to give you unsolicited and ill-informed advice. If it was as simple as “just focusing” there would be millions of people with ADHD all over the world doing just that. 


ADHD memes that are true

“My brain: actually remembering the stuff my teacher says is important. My brain: only remembers the stuff that the teacher says we do not need to remember.” 

When you have ADHD, it is sometimes out of your control, or at the very least a struggle to determine what you are going to focus on. This is why it can be no surprise when our brains seem to focus on unneeded information instead of useful information. 

ADHD Memes Funny


ADHD meme spice girls

“There are three circles, the autistic circle, the ADHD folks circle, and the spice girls circle. Inside the overlapping parts of the circle are the lyrics to Wannabe by Spice Girls.” 


ADHD funny meme

“What do we want? More research into a cure for ADHD. When do we want it? Let’s play swingball.” 

The people in this meme started off meaning well, but by the end their attention had already moved elsewhere. 


ADHD meme hyperfocus

“Thinking about your current hyper fixation. Realizing you were in the middle of a conversation.”  

There are so many times when I have done this before. I have all of a sudden remembered previous conversations where I was interrupted, went off on an unrelated tangent, or maybe just didn’t get to the point and I didn’t realize it until hours or even days later. 

ADHD Brain Memes


ADHD meme forgetful

“Sometimes I’m so ADHD that I literally forget to eat. And then at around 10 at night, I wonder “Why the heck am I so hungry?” and then I remember that I didn’t eat anything for dinner.”  

There have been many times that I have forgotten to eat all day, as I am sure most people with ADHD can relate to.  


ADHD meme cat

“Teacher: Expects us to remember this for the rest of our lives Me with ADHD: Still trying to remember what I did 2 minutes ago.” 

Again, extremely accurate and relatable if you have ADHD. Forgetfulness is one of the main symptoms, and many people with ADHD have problems with remembering things. I often say that I feel like my brain is full, so in order for me to remember something, something else has to go, and it will probably be that thing my teacher told me would be important in later years. 


ADHD meme ideas funny

“Me and the ideas in my head that I will never actually do anything with” 

ADHD can be like a superpower at times. Yes, it is often difficult to manage and can be a struggle, but people with ADHD are often very creative, have many wonderful ideas, and can solve problems in ways that other people might not have considered. 

ADHD In Adults Memes


ADHD memes funny

“ADHD is spending the day in waiting mode because I have a thing at 1pm” 

If I know I have something important, I will get ready early and then spend my time waiting around for that important thing to ensure that I am not late, or don’t forget. It is difficult for me to relax, or fully immerse myself in another task because I can be worried that I will forget about the important thing if I do that.  


ADHD meme

This meme is a great illustration of how the minds of so many people with ADHD work. We mean well, and we really do want to complete that task, but we are easily distracted and our brains jump from one thing to the next with ease. 


ADHD meme food

“She ate healthy all day. Then at 10pm, she ate one piece of chocolate cake, one ice cream cone, one pickle, one slice of Swiss cheese, one slice of salami, one lollipop, one piece of cherry pie, one sausage, one cupcake, and one slice of watermelon.”  

This again goes back to how people with ADHD often forget to eat. Many of us also stress eat or use food as a coping mechanism, so if we have had a stressful day and suddenly get some downtime, we may eat any and all of the food while we are trying to chase that dopamine.  

Where Can You Find More ADHD Memes? 

There are many places on the internet to find ADHD memes. Some of the best are: 

1. Instagram 

From searching a hashtag such as #ADHDmeme or looking for your favorite ADHD account, there are many ADHD memes to find. 

2. Facebook 

Facebook pages are a great place to find them as well. 

3. Reddit 

There are many great subreddits that share ADHD memes. 

Final Thoughts On Funny ADHD Memes 

ADHD memes can serve as a great reminder that although living with ADHD can be a struggle, it is okay to laugh and not take everything so seriously all the time.  

There are parts about ADHD that are really difficult, but there are parts sometimes too that are like having a superpower that people that are neurotypical don’t get to experience.  

What was your favorite meme? 

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