4 Amazing ADHD Timers To Skyrocket Your Productivity

A woman looks stressed as she looks at her watch because she is running out of time

A symptom of ADHD that I’ve always struggled with, but didn’t realize it was a problem for me until after I was formally diagnosed with ADHD is time blindness.

Surprisingly, I have never had a problem with punctuality and am usually early. In fact, I am rarely ever late for anything and am often left waiting for my neurotypical friends.

But since I have worked on my self-awareness over the last few years, I realize that this is because this is one of the symptoms that I mask, and then overcompensate for.

I am on time, and early, because I stress and cause myself so much anxiety about the thought of being late for something and disappointing someone else that it becomes impossible for me to be late.

Can you relate?

It isn’t abnormal, however, for me to lose hours of time at home reading a book, scrolling on social media, or hyperfocused on the latest topic of the day that I just have to know any and all of the information about.

This is time blindness and it means that productivity, when there are distractions around, can be a big problem for me.

I also get trapped in my own thoughts and daydream a lot.

Luckily, I have discovered how invaluable a tool like timers can be for people with ADHD.

That’s why below I am going to share my 4 favorite ADHD Timers as well as other options for ADHD timers that you can try.

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ADHD Timers

1) The Time Timer

The Time Timer was recommended to me by a friend of mine, and at first, I was a little skeptical.

It looked just like a normal kitchen timer to me with bright colors, however, it is much more than that.

You can set it from 0-60 minutes, and there is a big block of color on the face that shows you how much time you have left, and as time passes that color block gets smaller as the time runs out.

I find this helps me to really visualize the time that I have left for a task and helps to keep me focused more than when I think, “Oh I still have 20 mins I have lots of time.” And suddenly that time is gone.

I also love that there is no loud ticking noise that comes from it, and you also can either set it so that when time is up it alarms, or you can completely turn that option off if you have issues with sounds.

Even if you don’t struggle with ADHD, I still think it is a really great option for a timer.

You can find The Time Timer here.

The time timer which is a clock with a red color block on the face

2) Cube Timer

I have this cube timer too, and I really love it for timing my short activities like my breaks, so that I don’t get too distracted and I can return my focus back to whatever I am doing.

For example, when writing this blog I like to take minibreaks to keep myself productive, but to make sure I don’t fall down a TikTok hole or get distracted by my adorable dogs, I will use my cube timer so that when it goes off I know it’s time to return to work.

I find setting a timer or something on my phone can be a hassle, and with the cube timer, you just set it side up to whatever time that you want.

So if I want to set my timer for 10 minutes, I just make sure the face of my timer that says 10 minutes is facing up and it immediately starts counting down for me.

It is so easy to use, and I find this really useful when I am doing lots of little time sprints of something and want to set short timers over and over again without the hassle of trying to reset a timer every time. I can just flip to whatever side I want and it’s good to go.

You can find the Cube Timer here, but if you do decide to get one just be aware that the different colors have different time options. I almost ordered the wrong one.

A picture of the cube timers on the table

3) The Hexagon Timer

The Hexagon Timer is a lot like the cube timer, however, it is built for longer amounts of time, and you can also see the time as it counts down so that visual aspect may be more helpful to you.

Like the cube timer, you set it with the time that you want to set up and it automatically starts counting down. However, it is shaped like a hexagon so it has six flat edges and you rotate it and set it with whatever edge facing up that corresponds to the time that you want to set.

So if you wanted to set it for 30 minutes, you would set it with the 30-minute side sitting face up, and the timer in the middle will start counting down.

Some aspects of it that I really like are that the timer in the middle rotates at the same time depending on what side you have facing up, whereas I know some other timers don’t do that.

I was also presently surprised to find that when your time runs out, it starts counting upward. This is helpful to measure how much I have gone over the time I have allotted for myself.

You can find the hexagon timer here.

The hexagon timer a clock that is shaped like a hexagon that has a clock face on it but the edges all have different times on them

4) An Hourglass Timer

This sounds so weird when we are in the world of cell phones, apps, and watches, but I still use an hourglass timer to this day.

I got this adorable set of two hourglasses as a gift, and I think they are really cool.

They look awesome on my bookshelf just as a part of the decor. They are minimalistic and the color of the sand in them is black and white so it goes with everything.

And I do actually use them sometimes.

For the times that I really don’t want to have anything to do with any electronics and am doing a digital detox, I think they work great, and I actually find the falling of the sand soothing.

The only things I would warn against are obviously they are breakable, and if you really become hyperfocused on a task, you may not notice when the sand runs out as there is no audible alarm.

You can check out the cute Hourglass set that I have here.

Two hourglasses are sitting side by side on the desk. One has black sand in it and is large and one is smaller and has white sand in it.

Other options for timers for ADHD

If you don’t like any of the timers I suggested above there are many other options that you could try such as:

  • setting a timer on your phone
  • using your Echo dot and telling Alexa to set a timer for you
  • using a timer on google
  • using a watch
  • setting a timer on your smartwatch

Final thoughts on ADHD timers…

Timers can be a great tool to help you become more productive when you have ADHD.

Not only can they help you with time blindness, but they help to keep you on task and from the day slipping away from you.

Timers can also help to ensure that you save yourself some time for self-care.

Using a timer for your ADHD, as well as trying several ADHD time management techniques can make you unstoppable.

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