13 Ways To Always Choose Kindness And Why It’s Important

Someone hands someone else a flower. They are showing kindness.

It isn’t always easy to be kind. Sometimes when we are intensely focused on what is happening in our own lives, we can fail to consider how we are treating the other people around us.  

Add in something like stress, conflict, or overwhelm, and we could be acting unkindly to other people without even realizing it.  

Does that make our behavior okay? Absolutely not.  

But luckily there is something we can do about it—choose kindness instead. 

What Does Always Choose Kindness Mean?

Whether we are aware of it or not, every day is one big series of choices that we confront all day, every single day.  

From what we eat for breakfast, to how we say goodbye to our family in the morning, to the way we drive to work, we are constantly making small decisions about everything we do. 

We also make decisions when it comes to how we treat the people we come in contact with throughout that day.  

Did you thank the waitress for bringing you your meal? Or did you snap at her because it took longer than you thought it should? 

Did you roll your eyes at a coworker who was struggling with a project? Or did you acknowledge how hard they were working and try to help them? 

When we say always choose kindness it means we are actively making the choice to be kind. 

Why Is It Important To Always Choose Kindness? 

It is important to always choose kindness because kindness makes the world a better place. From complimenting someone else to making them smile to doing something nice for someone, kindness leads to happiness, not just for other people, but for yourself as well. 

Everyone deserves to be happy.  

Always choose kindness quote

What Are The Benefits Of Always Choosing Kindness?  

There are many wonderful benefits of choosing kindness. Some of them include: 

1) Making The World A More Positive Place

It can be easy to be selfish and say that you only care about yourself and what happens to you and that you don’t care about what is happening in the world around you.  

However, whether you want to believe it or not, the things that happen in this world have a direct effect on you if you are in denial about it or not.  

By making the world a better and happier place, you are increasing the odds of you being happier as well. 

2) Choosing Kindness Increases Our Own Happiness

When we do something kind for something else, our bodies release feel-great chemicals like oxytocin and serotonin that increase our own happiness and decrease stress. 

3) Kindness Spreads

According to a group of studies done by Standford University, kindness is actually contagious, and when someone else witnesses an act of kindness they are more likely to get inspired and also do something kind. 

4) Choosing Kindness Is Good For Us

There are numerous studies that show that kindness can improve our physical health. 

From lowering our blood pressure, to boosting our immune system there are many different ways that being kind can have a positive impact on our health

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13 Examples Of How We Can Always Choose Kindness

Sometimes it can be difficult to think of easy ways that you can be kind off the top of your head. Here are thirteen examples of ways that you can choose kindness:

1) Say please and thank you

Manners go a long way, and not only does using manners show respect, but they are an easy way to show kindness to the people around us. 

2) Smile at others 

Just like being kind, there are many positive benefits to us and other people when it comes to the act of smiling. A simple smile can change the entire course of someone’s day. It is an easy way to make someone else feel good. 

3) Hold the door open for people 

Holding the door open is another super simple action, but it can show other people that we are considering them and trying to make their day a little easier

4) React with kindness 

In today’s world, everyone is so used to matching the energy that we receive from other people. So for example, if someone is rude to us, many people react with rudeness right back, or anger, impatience, and so on.  

If someone comes at you with anything other than kindness, switching up the energy of the interaction and reacting with kindness is many times all it takes to completely catch that person off guard and diffuse the situation. 

It usually causes the other person to reflect on their own energy and change course, and it is very difficult to be mean to someone that is being so nice to you. 

5) Be compassionate 

You never know what someone else is going through. So while it can be easy to judge, or make snide comments, or even make fun of someone else, you never know what that person is experiencing.  

You could be witnessing the worst day of someone else’s life without even realizing it. Being empathetic and compassionate is being kind. 

6) Wave at your neighbors 

I always wave at my neighbors whenever I see them. Many of them I have never even had the chance to speak to, but it is a small act of kindness that is easy to do. 

7) Volunteer your time or donate money or possessions 

One way to spread kindness in your community is to volunteer. There are always so many good causes that need help, and there are usually multiple ways to help. 

If you are short on free time you can donate money or possessions to many different organizations. 

If you don’t have any money that you can spare, you could do something like donate your time, or even give blood.  

There are many ways to give back and spread kindness in your community.  

8) Be more patient 

Something I often struggle with is patience. Having ADHD can make it even more difficult to regulate my emotions sometimes.  

One of the things I struggle to be patient with the most is traffic. I don’t have road rage per se, but drivers that don’t signal, don’t obey traffic laws, or don’t have any idea where they are going tend to frustrate me.  

Something I have been working on lately is becoming more patient, and I can usually do that by using empathy. When I feel myself getting frustrated or annoyed in traffic, I remind myself that someone could be a new driver, and how would I feel if someone was being rude to my stepsons who are learning to drive? 

9) Give compliments 

Unexpected compliments are a simple act of kindness that can make someone’s entire day. When you aren’t expecting someone to say something kind to you, it can really make an impact.  

10) Speak more positively  

There is nothing worse than being in a wonderful mood and having someone around you being extremely negative and completely sucking all the positive energy from the room.  

By making an effort to be more positive, it can actually make someone’s day much better.  

11) Be a listening ear 

My coworkers used to come to me with all their problems or anything they were struggling with because they always said I was an amazing listener.  

I find it comes down to knowing what someone needs at that moment. Are they looking for advice or suggestions on how to fix their problems? Or are they just looking for someone to vent to? 

Listening is an act of kindness. 

12) Pay it forward 

I mentioned above that kindness is contagious, and I also find that a little kindness can go a long way to spread out to multiple people.  

When someone buys my coffee for me (I don’t drink coffee but usually get hot chocolate or another drink from the coffee shop) I like to pay it forward by buying coffee for the next two people in line. 

13) Take Better Care of Yourself 

By participating in self-care, you are choosing kindness by being kind to yourself. 

Final Thoughts On Always Choose Kindness… 

It is important to note that if you are currently struggling, or overwhelmed, or on the edge of burnout, you might not have the capacity right now to focus on being kind to others, and that is completely okay.  

 You can’t pour from an empty cup, and if you feel like you don’t have anything to give other people, that is the time you need to spend the extra effort and energy being kind to yourself.  

Once you have fully recovered and recharged your batteries, you will be the best version of yourself, and that is the version of yourself that you want to share with the world. 

Take care of yourself. 

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