14 Ways To Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

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Sometimes we can be so focused on our own healing journey and our own happiness, that we can forget how important it is to make the people around us smile as well.  

This can seem like the opposite of what I talk about on this blog—because most of the time I talk about how it is important to focus on putting yourself first. And I still stand by that.  

However, that doesn’t mean that we should completely forget about the happiness of everyone else around us, or that our happiness is the only happiness that matters.

You could be the reason someone smiles today. Making someone else smile is a beautiful way to spread kindness, and I believe that we can always use more kindness and positivity in this world.

Why Is It Important To Be Someone’s Reason To Smile?

How many times have you been having a hard day and someone else cheered you up? From bringing you a gift to telling you a joke, to listening to you vent, there are many ways that other people can cheer you up. 

By making an effort to help other people when they are struggling, you make the world a better place.  

And not only that but helping other people makes you feel good too.  

What Are The Benefits Of Being The Reason Someone Smiles Today

There are many benefits to making someone else smile. Some of the benefits for the other person you are making smile are:

  • They will feel happier
  • They will be less stressed. A study done at the University of Kansas showed that smiling helps to lower the body’s stress response.
  • It can help to reduce pain
  • It can lower blood pressure
  • It can boost their immune system

Some benefits to you as the person that is making someone else smile are:

  • It will make you feel good to make someone else smile
  • It can help strengthen your relationship with that person
  • It can make that person have a positive impression of you
  • It will help you to be more positive
  • Kindness is good for us

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14 Ways To Be The Reason Someone Smiles Today

1) Smile At Someone

Smiling tends to be contagious. When you smile at someone else, they usually smile back at you. Think about the times a stranger has smiled at you in public that has made you smile.  

It is a very simple thing, and you never know what someone else is going through. It could make their whole day.  

2) Hold The Door Open For Them 

Manners are simple, but they can mean a lot to other people. It takes little effort to simply hold the door open for someone else when they are entering or exiting the same building as you. In fact, I often combine this, and the idea above at the same time.  

By holding a door for someone, and then smiling at them as they pass, you are spreading kindness and positivity.  

3) Pay For Their Coffee 

Have you ever been part of a free coffee train before? Many times, I like to pay for the coffee of the person in line behind me. It costs me hardly anything and that little random act of kindness can go a long way. Many times that person will often pay it forward, and it isn’t abnormal for them to pay for the coffee of the person behind them, and so on and so forth. Or they will do something nice for someone somewhere else. 

Think of how many people are affected by that one little act of kindness. 

4) Pay For Their Meal 

Every so often on a date night, my husband and I will often pick out someone else, or a family, in the restaurant we are eating in and pay for their meal.  

We usually do it as we are leaving, so we don’t stick around to see their reaction because we aren’t doing it for someone to thank us, we just want to do something nice for someone else.  

5) Compliment Someone 

There have been so many times in public when a stranger has said something to me, and I brace myself, expecting something negative, but am pleasantly surprised when they compliment me.  

Compliments are so simple but can be so underutilized. By telling someone how much you like their glasses, or their outfit, or something else you have noticed about them, you will most likely make them smile.  

6) Let Someone Go Ahead Of You In A Lineup 

I actually did this one yesterday. While waiting to pay for my groceries, there was a very long lineup but I wasn’t in a big hurry. I noticed the person behind me only had a few items, and I know what that can be like running into a store quickly for a few things and then getting caught up at busy tills. So I told the man behind me that he could go in front of me.  

He was so appreciative and the first thing he did was smile at me.  

7) Return Their Cart For Them

The next time you are at the store, try offering to return someone’s cart for them. A sudden and unexpected act of kindness can go a long way. 

8) Help Someone That You Notice That Is Struggling With Something 

This could be a stranger in public that is struggling to lift something heavy into their car, a service worker trying to move a table at a restaurant, or a friend that is trying to solve a problem and needs help. 

If you can offer to help it can absolutely make them smile. 

9) Give Someone A Gift 

One day when I was struggling a lot with my mental health and having an extra hard day, my best friend texted me and told me to look outside.  

She had gone and got me ice cream and a cute little care package of self-care gifts.  

It was such a small thing, but I still think of it to this day and it inspired me to start gifting other people self-care packages as much as possible.  

It made me smile.  

You don’t have to know someone really well to give them a gift either. I have given flowers to strangers before, given small gifts to receptionists that I see from time to time, or left gifts for delivery drivers before.  

10) Say Thank You And Mean It 

Do you know how many people out there are just trying to do their jobs but feel undervalued and unappreciated?  

It is probably a lot more than you think.  

By making eye contact with someone that is providing you service and genuinely thanking them, your expression of gratitude can make them smile.  

Be the reason somone smiles today by hugging them

11) Give Them A Hug 

I wouldn’t suggest hugging a stranger, but if they are someone you know, sometimes all they really need is a hug.  

12) Let Someone Know You Miss Them 

One of my best friends and I have so much in common. We both have ADHD, both struggle with Anxiety and Depression and are basically the same person.  

We also understand each other a lot and so when I message her a few times in a row without a response, I don’t get upset and I know she is probably overwhelmed and dealing with a lot. 

In those times I always send her supportive messages full of love and let her know I am thinking about her and that whenever she is ready to respond I will be there, instead of getting upset that she isn’t responding.  

Also, I like to send kind messages to friends or people I haven’t heard from in a while to try to make their day.  

It is wise to remember that everyone is dealing with a lot and treating other people with compassion and understanding goes such a long way. 

13) Tell Someone A Joke 

A silly and unexpected joke will always be a great way to get a smile from someone.  

14) Tell A Coworker You Appreciate Them 

It wasn’t abnormal for my coworkers to feel unappreciated, so anytime I noticed them working hard or doing something great I always made sure to tell them how much I appreciated them. 

It never failed to get a smile out of them, even during stressful situations. 

What Makes Me Smile 

And if that all fails, I often think about what makes me smile, because that will usually work on other people as well. 

You will often discover it is the little things. 

Things like puppies, cute animal videos, birds singing on a beautiful morning, watching a beautiful sunset or the sunrise, a rainbow after the rain, a cozy and lazy day, the sound of the ocean, and so much more. 

What makes you smile? 

Final Thoughts On Being The Reason Someone Smiles Today…

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to make someone else smile, and it will often give you your own little boost of happiness as well. In fact, on days that you are having a hard day, you may find that trying to make other people smile actually helps turn your day around as well.  

If you could be the reason for someone else’s happiness, why wouldn’t you be?  

Take care of yourself. 

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