The Best Feeling Moments (40 Simple Joys)

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Everyone has experienced moments in our day when the little things in life have made us very happy. They might be small, but some of the simplest joys can be the best.

Small joys in life can help to life us up when we aren’t feeling our best.

If we are able to examine or identify some of the little things in life that make us happy, it may help us to stop taking those moments in life for granted, and to be more grateful when those moments do happen.

Being grateful has been linked to an increase in happiness.

Below is a list of 40 of the best feeling moments in life.

40 of the best feeling moments

1) A good morning text from someone that you really care about

2) Finding money that you forgot about

3) The smells and sight of supper ready and waiting for you when you get home from a long and exhausting day

4) A long, hot shower or bath after a long day, or an exhausting activity

5) The most restful and relaxing sleep where you wake up feeling like you could take on the world

6) The first taste of coffee in the day

7) Eating an amazing breakfast when you wake up starving

8) A small gesture of kindness from a stranger (for example having someone pay for your coffee, or letting you go ahead of them in line)

9) The sound of rain outside while you are cozy in your warm bed

10) Petting or cuddling with a pet

11) Climbing into a freshly made bed

12) When someone else plays with your hair

13) Finding a great photo of yourself where you feel good about yourself

14) Stretching

15) Doing something nice for someone else

16) When you realize your favorite song is playing somewhere that you didn’t expect

17) Being complimented by a stranger

18) That feeling of butterflies that you get when you see someone that you have a crush on

19) When you complete a particularly difficult task

20) Walking into a cool, air-conditioned environment on a sweltering hot day

21) When you think you have to go back to school or work the next day, but realize you don’t have to and get to sleep in

22) Watching a sunrise or sunset

23) Making someone else proud of you

24) Enjoying your favorite meal

25) Finishing a to-do-list earlier than you expected

26) Laughing so hard you cry

27) Craving something, and finally getting to enjoy it

28) Walking barefoot in the sand or in soft grass

29) Going on an amazing adventure with your friends

30) Sharing good news with people you care about

31) Finally getting to drink a cold glass of water when you are dehydrated

32) Getting into bed after a long day

33) Realizing how far you have grown as a person

34) Having a completely clean house

35) Getting a new haircut that looks amazing

36) Getting a present surprise

37) When something you really need to buy is on sale

38) Getting something off of your chest that has been bothering you

39) Waking up next to the person that you love

40) Seeing the people you care about happy

Appreciating these little joys, or moments that make us feel the best can help to brighten our day anytime we notice that they are happening.

When we are able to stop taking things for granted and really appreciate how lucky we are, we are able to express gratitude which in turn makes us happier people.

Did I miss anything from the list?

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