171 Body Positive Affirmations To Help You Love Your Body

I love my body

As someone who has struggled with my body image my entire life, I understand why so many people have problems loving their bodies. In today’s world of Instagram influencers, Tiktok filters, and corrective surgeries, the pressure to have the “perfect” body has never been higher.  

However, comparing yourself to others will usually lead to unhappiness and negative self-talk. There will always be someone with a better job, more money, or even the body you wish you had.  

Rewiring your brain to stop the negative thoughts, and shifting them to more body-positive ones is difficult, but it isn’t impossible.  

This is where body positive affirmations come in and why I have compiled a list of body positive affirmations to help.

170 Body Positive Affirmations 

Everyone feels differently about their body, and everyone is on different stages of their journeys at different times and that is completely okay.  

What is a body positive affirmation? 

A body positive affirmation is any affirmation, or positive statement that you repeat to help change your mindset around your body image. 

Will body affirmations help? 

While affirmations may not be for everyone, studies show that affirmations are effective in helping to increase your self-worth. This includes your confidence and acceptance when it comes to your body. 

Loving your body might not be the goal for you. You may want to like your body a little more, learn to appreciate it better, or even become neutral when it comes to your own image of your body and that is okay.  

Whether your goal is body positivity, body confidence, or body neutrality, affirmations will help you to be less negative when you think about your body. 

What is the difference between body positivity, body confidence, and body neutrality?  

In order to understand how the following affirmations are categorized, and to clarify what you are searching for, it is important to review what each of the terms mean. 

What is body neutrality?  

Body neutrality means you don’t feel positivity or negativity towards your body. You feel neutral.  

For many people, body neutrality is a more realistic goal when it comes to body image. When it comes to years of self-hatred and being conditioned to not love your own body, it can be a struggle to go from hating your body to loving it just like that.  

This is why body neutrality is a great place to start. 

For the new readers who may not know my story, I spent the majority of my adult life overweight, and am still considered to be plus-sized. I found it much easier to focus on achieving body neutrality before I could work on learning to love my body. 

What is body positivity? 

Body positivity is the next step after body neutrality. It means that you have positive thoughts and feelings towards your own body.  

What is body confidence? 

Body confidence means not only do you love your body, but you are confident in it. You love and appreciate your body for exactly what it is. 

Which one should be your goal?

This will all depend on you. Depending on where you are in your body image journey, how much work you are putting in, and how often you are repeating the below affirmations will determine where you will end up on the body image scale.  

The important thing is just to start, and you can always see where you are and adjust your goals. 

Body Neutrality Affirmations 

  1. I release all negative thoughts about my body 
  2. The size of my body is not important to my happy life 
  3. There is more to me than how my body looks 
  4. I am worthy of love no matter what my body looks like 
  5. I am grateful for what body can do 
  6. My body is simply a shell for my soul 
  7. I eat food to nourish my body 
  8. Life is too short to worry about how my body looks 
  9. I release all judgment toward my body 
  10. I respect my body 
  11. My body doesn’t affect how lovable I am 
  12. My body belongs to me and that is enough 
  13. Every body is different and that is okay 
  14. I am an entire person, not just a body 
  15. There is more to life than worrying about how much I weigh 
  16. I am defined by who I am, not what I look like 
  17. I deserve to enjoy food 
  18. My shape, size, and appearance do not affect my ability to enjoy my life 
  19. My soul is beautiful 
  20. I have imperfections but I am still lovable 
  21. Loving my body doesn’t necessarily mean that I think it looks good, but I acknowledge that it works hard for me 
  22. My body is my body 
  23. Just as I don’t love people for their bodies, other people don’t love me for mine 
  24. I offer so much to the world that has nothing to do with my body  
  25. I am allowed to have bad days and good days 
  26. It’s okay not to be confident all the time 
  27. I let go of the idea that I have to be a certain size to have value 
  28. Taking care of my body feels good 
  29. My body does a lot for me 

Body neutral affirmations

Body Neutral Affirmations

  1. I don’t participate in negative self-talk about my body 
  2. All bodies are different and that is okay 
  3. My body deserves to be taken care of 
  4. I have everything I need inside of me 
  5. I am slowly making peace with my body 
  6. My worth isn’t determined by a number on a scale 
  7. I am defined by who I am, not how much I weigh 
  8. My life will be amazing, no matter what my body looks like 
  9. My body is the least interesting thing about me 
  10. I release all judgment toward my body 
  11. If I wear certain make-up or clothing, it’s for me and not anyone else 
  12. My body is not my identity 
  13. I can be happy in any body size 
  14. I am lovable no matter what I look like 
  15. When I look in the mirror I see a kind and compassionate person 
  16. I am so much more than my appearance 
  17. I am learning to care for my body just like it cares for me 
  18. I deserve to show my body the care that it needs 
  19. My existence matters, not my size 
  20. My body is my friend 
  21. Who I am has nothing to do with the appearance of my body 
  22. My self-respect doesn’t change based on a number on a scale 
  23. I am kind to my body always 
  24. Being okay with my body is enough 
  25. I aim for progress, not perfection 
  26. My body is a gift 
  27. Clothes are made to fit my body, not the other way around 
  28. Healthy looks different on different bodies 
  29. I eat to energize my body 
  30. My body changes and that’s okay 
  31. I am capable of always being kind to my body 

I Love My Body Affirmations

  1. I am a beautiful person inside and out 
  2. It’s okay for me to love my body 
  3. I love my body because it helps me to try new things 
  4. My body radiates beauty 
  5. My body size is perfect for me 
  6. I love my body 
  7. I accept my body for what it is every day 
  8. I love my body just as it is 
  9. I feel love towards my body 
  10. I love how strong my body is 

Body Image Affirmations

  1. I do not have to feel attractive at all times to be happy and live my best life 
  2. Guilt has no place in how I feel about my body 
  3. I appreciate how my body looks 
  4. I embrace a positive body image today and every day 
  5. I will consume less content that causes me to fixate on my body image 
  6. I am fond of my body 
  7. My body works hard for me 
  8. I am glowing 
  9. I will not let my body image hold me back from doing the things I want 
  10. I am worthy of love no matter what my body looks like 
  11. My body is a work of art 
  12. Trying to be perfect won’t do me any good 
  13. I can’t hate myself into being skinny 
  14. I am comfortable in my own skin 
  15. Feeling my best is more important than looking my best 

Body Positivity Affirmations

  1. I love having body positive thoughts 
  2. I feel great in my body 
  3. I feel good about my body 
  4. I love myself 
  5. My stretch marks are proof of how amazing my body is 
  6. My body is a vessel for how awesome I am 
  7. I am compassionate toward my body 
  8. My body deserves all the love and care 
  9. I deserve to treat myself and not feel bad about it 
  10. Love fills every inch of me 
  11. Body acceptance is important to forming a healthy relationship with me 
  12. I love my body as it is 
  13. My size won’t hold me back from being happy 
  14. My body deserves to be admired 
  15. My body is perfect the way that it is 
  16. Self-love towards my body isn’t selfish 
  17. I promise to love and cherish my body 

Positive Body Affirmations

  1. My positive relationship with my body supports my mental health 
  2. My body works hard and deserves my kindness 
  3. My body radiates kindness and happiness 
  4. I look the way I’m supposed to look 
  5. I give my body the respect it deserves 
  6. My body is a blessing 
  7. My body and I are a team 
  8. Life doesn’t start when I lose weight, it is already happening 
  9. I embrace my body and how it changes 
  10. It’s okay for me to feel good 
  11. My natural shape is beautiful 
  12. I am perfect and complete just as I am 
  13. It’s okay for me to like myself and the way I look 
  14. I am a good example of how to love your body 
  15. I speak to my body like it’s my best friend 
  16. To expect my body to be perfect is unrealistic 

body positive affirmations

Body Confidence Affirmations

  1. I feel wonderful and confident in my own body 
  2. I am confident that my body is perfect the way it is 
  3. I am perfect in every size 
  4. I give myself permission to feel confident 
  5. No one can make me feel bad about my body without my permission 
  6. Confidence fills me effortlessly 
  7. I release all negativity towards my body and replace it with body confidence 
  8. I am comfortable in my own skin 
  9. I trust my body 
  10. Confidence is beautiful 
  11. I stand up for myself because I am confident in who I am 
  12. I am proud of my body 
  13. My body does amazing things 
  14. I am confident 
  15. I will stop comparing my body to edited images of people on social media 
  16. I am healthy and beautiful at any size 
  17. My appearance is to be celebrated 
  18. I am confident in what my body can do 
  19. Confidence in my body wins every time 

Healthy Body Affirmations

  1. My body is healthy 
  2. I nourish my body with nutritious foods 
  3. Healthy looks different on different bodies 
  4. I am blessed with good health 
  5. I have a strong immune system 
  6. Picking healthy foods is an act of love for my body 
  7. My body is getting stronger every day 
  8. I listen to the needs of my body 
  9. I enjoy exercising to keep my body fit 
  10. I make time for self-care all the time 
  11. My body is mine to care for 
  12. I treat my body well 
  13. I heal quickly 
  14. When my body gives me signs that it is time to rest, it is important to listen to it 
  15. I take care of my body 
  16. What matters is how my body feels, not how it looks 
  17. I am healthy, happy, and radiant 
  18. I choose good health 
  19. I am blessed with good health and a good body

Affirmations For Body Image

  1. I embrace having a positive body image 
  2. My body image does not define who I am 
  3. My body image is improving every day 
  4. My body is worth being proud of 
  5. My body image is capable of improvement 

Body Acceptance Affirmations

  1. I am thankful for my body and what it does for me every day 
  2. I accept myself 
  3. I get one step closer to body acceptance every day 
  4. Accepting my body is intentional 
  5. Accepting my body starts in my head 
  6. People accept me for reasons that have nothing to do with how I look 
  7. Accepting my body continues in my heart 
  8. I accept any “flaws” with my body 
  9. Accepting myself just as I am is the first step toward liberation 
  10. I am deeply accepting of my body 
  11. It costs less energy to treat my body with love and acceptance than to criticize it 

Final Thoughts On Body Positive Affirmations…

No matter how you currently feel about your own body, body positive affirmations can help improve those feelings. Negative self-talk can have a large negative impact on our self-worth and self-esteem and by repeating our favorite body positive affirmations, we can help to shift our mindset.

Take care of yourself.

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