65 Cheap Self Care Gifts To Give (Plus 3 To Avoid)

Someone hands someone else a gift

Want to hear something kind of silly?  

Although for years I never made self-care a priority for myself, I always knew it was an important thing—for the people around me.

I was always taking care of everyone else, or lecturing them to take better care of themselves, but I was not practicing what I preached.

I didn’t realize how important and necessary self-care is for my own happiness until I was burned out and put on stress leave from my career for over six months.

After years of this, I got really good at giving self-care gifts to other people. 

In fact, when my best friend’s mother passed away at the beginning of the year, I didn’t go looking for sympathy flowers for her like everyone else was doing. 

I immediately began scouring Amazon for the perfect self-care gifts to send to her. 

Why Self Care Gifts Are Important

People in high-stress, or overwhelming situations, especially when they are mourning a loss, tend to neglect their own self-care.

If you know anyone that is going through a difficult time, giving them a self-care gift can be the perfect gesture at a very needed time. Not only are you giving them something they will actually use, but you are gently reminding them to make themselves a priority.

Giving someone a self-care gift can:

  • Cheer them up
  • Make them smile
  • Remind them how important self-care is
  • Help them recharge
  • Help them make themselves feel better

How Do I Give Self-care Gifts?

For my friend who lost her mother, I went on the hunt for the perfect cheap self care gifts so instead of giving her one gift, I could make an entire self-care package to give to her. 

The reason I love shopping for self-care gifts on Amazon is because it is so easy to just ship those items directly to whoever you are gifting them to.

I do this frequently.

Most of my friends and family know to watch out for my little surprise self-care packages that may show up at any time, and that if they receive one, it is my way of saying I felt they needed some extra love and care and they should be kind to themselves.

I like to add the little touch of adding a personalized message that you can do on Amazon when you send a gift. I always add some sort of funny little message to go with the gift.

Below I have listed some inexpensive self-care gift ideas. Remember these can be gifts for other people, or even for yourself if you are just starting your self-care journey.

These are all things I have personally used, or sent to my friends and family. 

*Disclosure: In this post I only recommend products I have purchased and/or used myself and all opinions expressed in these posts are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission from at no extra cost to you. For more information please read our full disclosure in our Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure.

The Ultimate Cheap Self care gifts list 

Bath self-care items 

If you subscribe to this blog, or follow us on any of our social media accounts, you will know that I am obsessed with baths and they are one of my favorite forms of self-care. So I have all sorts of experience trying out different bath self-care items.

Below are some of my favorites [the pictures take you to the item]:

Bubble bath

I really enjoy this one. I love all things vanilla-scented. This is a vanilla lavender so it’s very relaxing, and I find a little goes a long way.  

If you want an even less expensive option though, I have never disliked any bottle of Calgon bubble bath. There is a lot of it that comes in a bottle, and Calgon has so many different scents that smell amazing. This one is Hawaiian ginger, which brings me right back to high school because this was a scent me and my entire school seemed to be obsessed with, so I enjoy the throwback every now and then.

Bath bombs

These bath bombs are amazing. I find them really moisturizing and I love the way my skin feels after I use them.

Yes there is a whole entire dozen of them, but I find that makes them really inexpensive and affordable in the long run, because instead of paying so much for one, you get a discount in bulk (where are my fellow Costco ladies?)

I like to break up the package to put them into several different gifts (and maybe keep a few for myself)

Bath salts

These are my favorite bath salts to use.

I also really enjoy the Dr.Teal’s salts as well.

Bath caddy/tray

Now, I understand this is a list of my favorite inexpensive self-care gifts, and some people may not consider this cheap. However, I do feel like for what it is, it is a very inexpensive or “cheap” option. I have seen so many bath caddies for hundreds of dollars, and with the price of wood as crazy as it has been, I think this is an amazing deal.

This one is perfect as a gift because it’s adjustable so it can fit most bathtubs. It is sturdy and well-built and has a spot for everything someone might bring in the bath with them: a tablet/e-reader holder, candle spot, storage, and even a wine glass holder.

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Bath self-care items

Skincare self-care items

When I really became focused on improving my self-care routine, my skin completely changed for the better. While before I was so burned out and exhausted that I barely took my makeup off before bed, now I have a whole skincare routine that I (mostly) stick to. And my skin has never looked better!

Face masks

This clay mask will always be my favorite. Not only is it inexpensive, I have been using it regularly for years and still haven’t needed to buy another one, but it works great. I love that it is so natural and simple, and although I don’t love the smell of apple cider vinegar (you mix it with apple cider vinegar and water) it is tolerable.

I have also seen all over Tiktok that you can use it for so many more things like body wraps, foot soaks, and someone on Tiktok said they use it as a hair mask.

So I will be experimenting soon!

For any fellow sheet mask lovers out there, these are my normal go-to sheet masks when I don’t feel like trying something new. I went through a huge Korean skincare phase at one point, and this is one of the few products that have stuck around.

For the price you really can’t go wrong and you get such a different selection to keep things interesting. My face feels so refreshed and hydrated after using them.

Face scrubs

I haven’t been using many face scrubs now that my skin is in such good condition, but when it wasn’t I’ve used this one and I really liked it. It is super inexpensive, and the scrub is made from sugar, so you aren’t rubbing any harsh beads or anything abrasive on your face.

It can take a few uses to get use to the texture though. Because it is made of sugar it melts on your face.

I haven’t personally tried this one either, but I purchased this in the past for a friend who has sensitive skin, and now she swears by it and buys it all the time for herself.

Eye patches

I have always had really bad bags under my eyes (its genetic), and I find these really help to reduce the puffiness and leave me looking more awake and refreshed.

I like to put them on for some extra self-care in the evening, or before I put on my makeup on a night out.

There is something about the fact that they are gold too that makes them feel a bit more luxurious and pampering, but without the high price point.

Face roller

Personally, I feel you can never go wrong with a face roller. When I think of self-care, I picture face rollers, but maybe that is just me. This one is super cute, and also comes with with a Gua Sha tool, which has become all the rage right now in skin care/self-care.

I haven’t tried the Gua Sha tool yet, but I plan to soon.

It is a bargain getting them both bundled together.


For inexpensive or cheap skincare, you have to try The Ordinary. All of their products are super simple, and minimalistic. They explain exactly what each product does, and which are right for you, without all the fluff. I can not say enough positive things about The Ordinary and have been using their products for years now.

The buffet is one of my all time favorite serums. It makes my skin feel so soft and hydrated and I feel almost gives it everything it needs before it even realize it needs it.

The Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% is also a personal favorite. I have naturally large pores and sometimes suffer from a little bit of discoloration. I noticed an improvement almost immediately after I started using it, and I don’t think I will ever stop.

Body scrub and body care

This is a time-tested favorite of me and my friends. I understand that we aren’t the only ones that love it. It seems to be super popular, and I am here to tell you that it lives up to the hype. My skin feels so smooth and soft after using it. And the price is great.

I usually use my body scrub followed by this exact exfoliation mitt. I find it really helps to make sure it is getting rid of all of any remaining body scrub that I might have used, plus any remaining dead skin cells.

I have also gotten into dry brushing recently, so currently this is the brush that I am using to try it. It’s too early to tell if I am seeing any results from it yet, but if you subscribe to the blog I will post an update at some point.

Facemask self-care

Physical self-care items

Water bottles

To this day I still struggle with ensuring that I drink enough water. These bottles are super cute, are portable for whatever someone might have on the go, and come in a variety of colors.

Or if you really want to make sure your friends are drinking enough water—

This bad boy holds one gallon of water, so it will really ensure you or your friends get enough water through out the day. Also I love that it has a wide opening so that it is easier to clean.

The little words of motivation on the sides of both are such a nice touch.


If the person you are buying a gift for enjoys hot beverages, such as tea, this is a great gift for them. This is the one that I have at home. It works great, the price is wonderful, and I love the cute little blue light while it’s on. I don’t know what it is about the light that I love so much, maybe it’s an ADHD thing I’m not quite sure.

I use mine to mainly make hot lemon water and honey.

I’m not going to make any recommendations on tea or coffee because I don’t drink either of them and so I don’t even attempt to give them as gifts. I have such little knowledge of both and I find everyone is very particular about what they like when it comes to either.

But gifting someone the kettle along with their favorite tea or coffee, if you know what they like, is a cute gift idea.

Drinking containers

This is a chance for you to put your knowledge of whoever you are purchasing the gift for to the test.

Mugs and cups make great gifts, and is something that everyone uses.

You can go one step further by choosing something you know will make them smile or laugh, which adds something really special to the gift.

Yoga / exercise mat

An exercise mat can be a nice option for a self-care gift. Not only is it great for people that like to exercise or stretch at home, but it is great for self-care activities like yoga and mediation.

@fernandaraamirez weights 65 Cheap Self Care Gifts To Give (Plus 3 To Avoid)

Other gift ideas


I chose to put candles in its own category, even though I considered putting them in the bath category. I find taking a nice hot bubble bath with some candles is one of the most relaxing things ever.

However, I use candles a lot for things other than baths so I decided to put it here.

Candles can add such a relaxing and calming touch to any room or atmosphere.

Personally, I only burn soy wax candles, and I have purchased these ones before. They smell nice without being overpowering, however soy candles can be more expensive.

I find these are a great value for their price.


Journals can be such a useful tool for self-care. I also find they make a great gift. I’ve had many friends who have said they wouldn’t normally buy a journal for themselves, but they wanted to put the present to use so they started to journal and they love it.

And again, this is your chance to pick one that you think the person you are buying it for will enjoy.

A blanket

I don’t feel like you can ever have too many cozy, soft blankets.

I have several of these in different colors for my couch, and they are so inexpensive that they make great gifts.

Self-care gifts I wouldn’t recommend giving

1) Something super personalized

Self-care can be a pretty personal thing as it is. Everyone has different needs, likes, and dislikes, so that means they will have different self-care activities they enjoy.

Getting them something general can be a great idea for them to try something new and find something they love, and if they don’t love it, they can always regift it to someone else.

Gifting them something personalized specifically for them, like something with their name on it, isn’t a good idea unless you are 100% confident they are going to love it.

2) A pet

You might be thinking to yourself, “Who would even do that?”

Well I had a follower tell me they gave a pet to someone as a self-care gift and they were confused as to why that person didn’t appreciate their gift.

While I do think that pets can do such an amazing job at helping to improve our health and happiness, a pet is a huge undertaking and a gigantic commitment. It is also a very personal decision that I don’t feel should be made by someone else for someone else.

Not to mention, if the person is already stressed out and overwhelmed, a pet could actually be increase their stress, not making it better.

3) A plant

Again, I have nothing against plants. I think they can be a great addition to really liven up any household, and can absolutely help with self-care.

However, for the same reason above I don’t think they make the best self-care gifts. Unless you know that someone absolutely loves plants and currently has the capacity to take care of it, giving them something else to be responsible could further overwhelm them and cause them to spiral, and I wouldn’t recommend it.

So there you have it! This is a list of some great cheap self-care gifts that I would recommend, as well as 3 that I wouldn’t.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you try or gift any of the items off my list. I would love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to reach out to me on any of our social media accounts.

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