55 Best Dream Life Prompts To Help You Achieve Your Dreams

Woman writing her dream life prompts in journal

Did you know that journaling can help you achieve your dream life? It might sound silly, or impossible, but it’s true. 

While most people know they can use journaling to store their favorite memories, or as a safe space to express their feelings, most people underestimate the power that a journal contains.  

That is why I am sharing the best dream life prompts to help you achieve your dreams. 

How can dream life prompts help you achieve your dreams? 

Most people have a dream. But often those dreams are something broad like “be rich” or “be famous” with no real steps or plans for how to achieve them. 

Journaling can help you deep-dive into exactly why you want the things you want, help you to zero in on the specifics of your dream, and even help you to map out the steps you will need to take to achieve them.  

Dream Life Prompts

  1. What would my perfect day look like? 
  2. If I could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
  3. If I had unlimited money, what would I spend my time doing? 
  4. What is my dream career? 
  5. How do I define success? 
  6. How will I know when I am successful? 
  7. Something I would love to do more of in my life is… 
  8. How do I want to feel when I wake up every morning? 
  9. The words I would like to live by are… 
  10. What is one thing I’ve always wanted to do? 
  11. What makes me feel like my life right now isn’t my dream life? 
  12. What are some things about my life that I wish I could change? 
  13. How could I change them? 
  14. What would I like to have more of? 
  15. What would I like to have less of? 
  16. If I could live my life exactly how I wanted to, I would… 

Journal Prompts For Manifesting Your Dream Life

  1. What is one fear I would like to overcome? 
  2. One affirmation I use to empower myself is… 
  3. How would achieving my dream life make me feel? 
  4. What am I already grateful for in my life? 
  5. I feel the happiest when… 
  6. What is one goal I would like to achieve? 
  7. How will I feel when I achieve that goal? 
  8. My dreams will become a reality when… 
  9. If I had ten million dollars right now what would I do with it? 
  10. What would happen if I allowed myself to live each moment fully? 
  11. When I close my eyes and think about my dream life, what do I picture? 
  12. What would my dream house look like? 
  13. What would it feel like to be inside my dream house? 

Dream Life Prompt

Journal Prompts To Find Your Purpose

  1. In a perfect world where do I imagine myself being in five years? 
  2. Ten years? 
  3. Fifteen years? 
  4. What makes me feel the happiest in my life? 
  5. What activity makes me feel fulfilled?  
  6. The values that matter most to me are… 
  7. What are three things that I feel I am gifted with? 
  8. How could I use those talents to help others? 
  9. What are my top five passions in life? 
  10. What would make my life more meaningful? 
  11. What motivates me? 
  12. What is something that I find joy in? 
  13. I am being true to myself when I… 

Prompts To Achieve Your Dreams

  1. What is one habit I would like to start today? 
  2. How could I improve one relationship in my life? 
  3. What is currently missing from my life and how could I get it? 
  4. What is currently holding me back from living my dream life? 
  5. What could I do to start and end my days better? 
  6. What do I wish I could change about my life? 
  7. What is my biggest fear right now? 
  8. Who inspires me and what can I learn from them? 
  9. Is there anything I am afraid to ask for because I am worried I will never have it? 
  10. What do I need to let go of to create more space in my life? 
  11. How far am I from living the life of my dreams? 
  12. Would I mind living this way forever? 
  13. How would I feel if nothing changed?

Dream Life Prompts

Tips For Using Dream Life Prompts

Here are several tips to keep in mind when using these dream life prompts:

  • Make sure to take your time with each prompt. Read each prompt and then visualize what it is asking in your mind.  
  • Try to picture your dream life, including where you would be, what your surroundings would look like, what you would be doing, and who would be there. 
  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. There is no right answer and everyone will answer the prompts differently.  
  • The journal prompts are meant to be a starting point and a self-reflection tool to help you learn more about your dreams. Hopefully, by learning more about your dreams you will be able to determine precisely how to make them happen. 

Final Thoughts On Dream Life Prompts…

Achieving your dream life can seem so far out of reach, that it can be intimidating to even attempt to grasp it.

But I promise you it isn’t as far out of reach as it seems. Each small step adds up until you reach your end goal, and these dream life journal prompts are meant to be a tool to help you get there.

Take care of yourself.

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