What Is Emotional Self care? (Plus 15 Examples)

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Emotional self care is one of the most overlooked areas of self-care, but it is one of the most important.

For years the focus has been primarily on our physical health or our physical self-care, but our emotional self-care deserves its time in the spotlight too.

Our emotions affect every single aspect of our lives, and without being able to handle them, or face them in a healthy way, they can end up causing us harm and creating much bigger issues for us.

When we are better able to handle stress and traumatic events, we are more likely to achieve a happy and healthy life.

What is emotional self care?

Emotional self-care refers to the act of taking care of our emotional health and well-being.

When we pay attention to our emotions, can successfully identify what we are feeling, and are able to either express them or release them in a healthy way, we will see so many positive benefits from it.

Why is emotional self-care important?

Emotional self-care is important because the emotions that we experience impact how we feel every day. How we are feeling affects every other part of our lives.

When we neglect our emotional needs, it can cause us to bottle up our feelings, lash out irrationally, give us anxiety and depression, and even cause chronic health problems.

What are the benefits of emotional self-care?

The most common positive benefits of emotional self-care are:

1) It improves our ability to control our emotions

When we participate in emotional self-care we will be better equipped to identify what we are feeling, and then deal with it in a healthy way.

2) It increases our self-awareness

Becoming more aware of our emotions will help us to get to know ourselves better. When we have a better understanding of how we think, feel, and what we really want out of life we can make better more informed decisions.

3) It helps to reduce our stress levels

Stress is so toxic to our bodies, our minds, and our souls. When we participate in emotional self-care, it helps to reduce stress and helps us to be able to deal with any causes of stress more efficiently.

4) It improves our relationships

When we know how to deal with our emotions in a healthy way, we are able to communicate better with those around us.

5) It helps us to love ourselves more

When we are more in touch with our emotions, it helps us to learn to be more empathetic and kinder to ourselves. This helps us increase our confidence and self-esteem, which in turn can help increase our self-worth and our self-love.

A checklist of emotional self care ideas

What are the areas of emotional self-care?

There are six main areas of emotional self-care. They are:

1) Expressing our feelings in a healthy way

When we learn how to properly express our emotions, it prevents us from lashing out at others or internalizing those emotions.

2) Gratitude

Feeling grateful for the things we have can help us to put any emotions and feelings we may have into perspective.

3) Feeling our feelings

So many of us spend time trying to avoid our feelings and using unhealthy coping mechanisms as a way to do so.

When we learn how to allow ourselves to feel our own feelings, we can learn how to properly handle them.

4) Laughing

Laughing is one of my favorite areas of emotional self-care. When one of the most common emotions that we feel is joy, it increases the positivity that we are feeling.

5) Self-love

Learning to love ourselves helps us to be okay with our emotions and to accept them as a part of who we are. How we feel about things is not wrong or bad.

6) Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an amazing tool to put us more in touch with any emotions we are feeling in the present.

It can also help to calm us, so that we can begin to deal with our emotions in a healthy way.

What are some examples of emotional self-care activities?

Emotional self-care is important for our health and our happiness. When we take the time to deal with our feelings and emotions, we decrease our stress and anxiety and become more productive.

By using emotional self-care activities like those listed above, we can find out what works for us and make them a part of our self-care routine.

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