76 Easy Ways to Experience More Awe in Life

Experience More Awe In Life

When was the last time you experienced a sense of awe? You know that magical feeling where you feel amazed, speechless, or like something has stolen your breath.  

I remember being blown away when I saw The Grand Canyon for the first time. I couldn’t believe that it was real.  

But I didn’t realize that studies have shown that that the feeling of awe can actually increase well-being and happiness.

What Is The Meaning Of Awe?

Awe is that overwhelming sense of admiration and wonder that you feel when you experience something wonderful, profound, or marvelous.

What Are The Benefits Of Awe?

The benefits of awe are:

76 Ways to Experience More Awe

  • Look up at the night sky 
  • Travel 
  • Watch the sun set 
  • Watch the snow fall 
  • Look at beautiful photography 
  • Hike up a mountain 
experience more awe in life a mountain
  • Watch videos of people creating art 
  • Go swimming in a lake 
  • Cook a loved one or friend and delicious meal 
  • Close your eyes and listen to your favorite album 
  • Listen to a complicated piece of classical music 
  • Visit a large city 
  • Visit a zoo or animal sanctuary and watch the animals 
  • Go for a scenic bike ride 
  • Watch a Broadway musical 
  • Ask to read the old journal entries of a loved one (example: grandmother) 
  • Try climbing to a higher vantage point than normal 
  • Take a trip to somewhere with a rich history 
  • Admire pieces of art 
  • Get a restful full night’s sleep 
  • Watch a cult classic movie 
  • Feel a soft blanket 
  • Go to a farmers market and purchase locally grown and harvested goods 

experience more awe farmers market
  • Get out of your comfort zone 
  • Write a letter to your inner child 
  • Read a classic book 
  • Spend time with someone who makes you belly laugh 
  • Travel to somewhere you have never been before 
  • Complete a challenging puzzle 
  • Read a biography of someone who inspires you 
  • Eat a cookie fresh out of the oven 
  • Go swimming in the ocean 
  • Water a plant and watch it change 
  • Look at old photos 
  • Ask an elder for a story from their life 
  • Go to the beach, close your eyes, and listen to the sound of waves crashing 

Experience more awe waves crashing
  • Spend time in nature 
  • Listen to your favorite music 
  • Learn something new 
  • Visit a tiny town 
  • Let sand slip between your fingers and toes 
  • Look at pictures of yourself as a child 
  • See a dance performance 
  • Close your eyes and appreciate the sun on your face 
  • Visit a national park 
  • Admire the leaves changing in the fall 
  • Read your own old journal entries 
  • Spending time with children 
  • Grow something from a seed 
  • People watch in your neighborhood 
  • Watch a motivational TED Talk 
  • Go looking for Christmas lights in the winter 
  • Appreciate a building that was built a really long time ago 
  • Go snorkeling in the ocean 
  • Look at photos of space 
  • Think about how miraculous your body really is 
  • Appreciate how good it feels to take a first sip of water when you are really thirsty 
  • Look for shooting stars 
  • Admire the mountains 
  • Try a type of food you have always wanted to try 
  • Go to a Christmas market when it is all dressed up for the holidays 
  • Watch the rain fall 
  • Climb into a bed with fresh sheets 
  • Write a letter to your future self 
  • Start looking for all the colorful flowers 
  • Watch videos of people doing something that scares you 
  • Watch a child learning to walk or speak for the first time 
  • Watch videos of yourself as a child 
  • Find the oldest tree you can 
  • Take a sip of hot chocolate or coffee when you are cold 
  • Go somewhere that you can see the northern lights 
  • Go to a town where the local language isn’t your own and listen to the people talking around you 
  • Be a part of a large crowd at a concert 
  • Practice meditation 
  • Watch videos that inspire you 
  • Watch the sunrise 

Final Thoughts 

That feeling of awe can help us to become more mindful of what is happening around us. It can be very easy to get caught up in the tasks of our everyday lives and it is a great practice to look for the things that feel magical about life. 

Take care of yourself. 

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