10 Easy Ways To Give Yourself Grace (And What It Really Means)

Giving yourself grace and what that means

While teaching other people the importance of managing stress, avoiding burnout and taking better care of ourselves, I have heard any and all of the solutions that people come up with when it comes to handling stress. 

One saying that I hear often is to “Give yourself grace.” It seems to be a common saying, even amongst people who don’t truly understand what it actually means.  

That is why today we are going to review the meaning of giving yourself grace, why it is important to give yourself grace, signs that you might need to give yourself more grace, and 10 ways you can give yourself grace.

What Does Give Yourself Grace Mean?

In simple terms, giving yourself grace is all about showing yourself self-compassion and kindness. It is forgiving and accepting yourself even in the hard moments.  

No one is perfect, and we are all trying our best. To give yourself grace means to acknowledge that you are struggling and accept that it is okay. 

Why Is It Important To Give Yourself Grace?

It is important to give yourself grace because we can often be our own harshest critic when it needs to be the other way around. 

Instead of criticizing ourselves and being hard on ourselves, we should be the ones lifting ourselves up and empowering ourselves to be the best version of ourselves we can be. 

Giving ourselves grace can help with that. 

Signs That You Need To Give Yourself Grace

  • You can forgive other people, but struggle to forgive yourself 
  • You are getting burned out 
  • You don’t participate in self-care or do anything for yourself 
  • You are extra hard on yourself 
  • You can’t let go of past mistakes 
  • You participate in negative self-talk 
  • You struggle with self-worth and self-esteem 

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10 Easy Ways To Give Yourself Grace

1) Stop trying to be perfect

If you are someone that struggles with perfectionism as I do, you can find it a struggle to forgive yourself when you do something wrong.  

In times like this, it is important to remind yourself that no one and nothing is perfect and that perfectionism is like a roadblock standing in the way of your happiness.  

Do you want to “try” to be perfect? Or do you want to be happy? Because you can’t have both. 

2) Laughter instead of tears

When you experience a high amount of stress it can be difficult not to be overwhelmed and to want to cry. You need to first understand that your emotions are valid and it is completely okay to feel this way.  

However, if you are able to laugh at a situation instead of crying, it can help to release a lot of stress and help you to realize that things might not be as serious as you feel they are in that moment. 

Laughter is also great for us.  

3) Set strong boundaries

Boundaries can be a great way to give yourself grace. By standing up for yourself and saying “no” to someone, you are becoming your biggest advocate and helping other people understand that you won’t be taken advantage of.  

You are also giving yourself the chance to return the focus back to yourself. From making more time for self-care, not doing something out of peer pressure or because you thought you should, or stopping someone from treating you badly, there are no negatives to setting stronger boundaries. 

4) Forgive yourself

Holding grudges against anyone, let alone against yourself, can be extremely unhealthy and contribute to your stress.

By choosing to forgive yourself, you will be doing yourself a favor and may actually learn more from the experience than you would have if you had refused to let it go. 

5) Change your mindset 

Negative self-talk is extremely toxic. Not only does it add stress and negativity to your life, but it stops you from reaching your protentional and achieving your goals.  

Changing your mindset will allow you to turn negative self-talk into a positive voice. Try it. You will be amazed at how much your life will change from this one little difference.  

6) Practice Gratitude 

Instead of focusing on the ways you think you could improve, or what you feel you are doing wrong, focus on what things in your life you are grateful for.  

Chances are you are doing way better, and making more progress than you think you are.  

7) Be kind to yourself 

Why are we always harder on ourselves than we are on anyone else in our lives?  

When we are kind to ourselves, we acknowledge that everyone makes mistakes, including us, and that is okay because it is how we learn and grow.  

8) Stop the self-comparison  

They say comparison is the thief of joy, and I totally believe that is true. With the rise of social media, we are often comparing ourselves to something that isn’t even real. These impossible standards that we try to live up to, leave us feeling horrible about ourselves when we don’t match them.  

Reminding yourself that not everything people post on social media is real, or unfiltered and that you are often comparing your worst moments to the best moments of other people can be helpful. 

9) Celebrate your small wins 

Sometimes we can be so focused on a large goal or achievement, that we forget to stop and appreciate how far we have come, or the little wins we have achieved along the way.  

These little wins can be used as fuel and motivation to keep going, even when times are hard. 

10) Let go of whatever you are holding onto 

Are you holding onto anger, or sadness, or something else from the past? The only person who suffers when you do that is you.  

Letting go is not the same as accepting something, or forgiving it, it just means you are making the conscious choice to no longer let that thing hurt you or stand in the way of your happiness.  

Final Thoughts On Giving Yourself Grace… 

By giving yourself grace and being kind to yourself, you will be developing the best ally you could ever have—yourself. Giving yourself grace may look different to most people, however, it’s a necessary part of being happy and improving our lives.  

Take care of yourself.  

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