How To Have A Self Care Night

Two women laying on their stomach having a self-care night by using face masks with cucumbers over their eyes

One of the best things I started doing for myself when I was learning about self-care, was to begin having monthly self care nights. When I first started my self-care journey, I was extremely busy and overwhelmed with a high-stress career and a lot going on in my personal life. I was unsure how much time I could initially commit to self-care.  

Honestly, that is probably part of why I had always been so bad at it in the first place. 

However, I found it easier to carve out a small chunk of time in an evening once a month to spend dedicated to myself. To me, time really helped, and before long I started trying to stuff as much self-care into my weekly routine, and soon daily routine, as I could.  

That’s when I started to realize that no one in my household was very good at self-care either. So occasionally I would get the whole house to participate, and we would have monthly self care nights.  

In this post I’m going to share all the different ideas of activities you can do during a self-care night either alone or with other people, and how to develop your own self-care night routine.  

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Steps to have a self care night 

Planning your self care night 

I think to have a proper self-care night, a bit of planning needs to be involved. This ensures you are fully prepared when the time comes, that if you need any items, you have time to acquire them and have everything you need to make the night as less stressful as possible. 

1) Check in with yourself 

Before I have a self-care night, I usually check in with myself to see how I am doing. Is there an activity I really enjoy that I haven’t done in a long time? Maybe a craft or hobby? If there is I will carve out a bit of time to do that thing.

For example, I love to read, however I don’t get as much time to read as I would like. So when I plan a self-care night I ensure there is some time in the night that I can read.

2) Choose some activities 

You need to have at least a rough idea of what type of self-care activities you are going to be trying on your self-care night. I find brainstorming, or even looking up ideas online helps. This ensures you can move on to the next step. 

3) Do an inventory of any items you might have and need 

There are self-care activities you can participate in that don’t require anything else other than yourself, however, several activities will require some sort of item. For example, to do face masks, you obviously need the face masks. To journal, you need paper and some sort of object to write with etc.

So I will make a list of everything that I already have around my home, and a list of anything I need to pick up.

4) Pick up any items you might need 

You will need to pick up any of the items you need that you don’t have. I usually order anything I need off Amazon.

5) Organize yourself 

I ensure that I organize myself before the actual self-care night. This way I have all the items in one place and I’m not spending that time I could be using on self-care running around trying to find anything, and that any prep that needs to be done is done ahead of time.

If I am hosting a self-care night for more than just myself, there is usually some prep work involved. For me, I usually make sure I have some snacks ready, or if I am doing anything extra special like a specific drink, I have that all ready to go. 

This can be as “extra” or as simple as you decide to make it. But please don’t stress yourself out over it. A self-care night is supposed to be relaxing and help recharge your batteries. It should not be causing any more stress in your life.

Having your own self care night

If you plan to have a self-care night alone, there are so many different activities you can do to ensure you really pamper yourself and make yourself feel great.

To me, a self-care night is something different than simply including some self-care in my normal night routine. This is a night where I purposely set aside time to solely focus on self-care and nothing else.

Below are some of ideas of things that I usually do.

1) Take a hot bath

I started with this one because it is my favorite. I usually make sure I have time to have a hot bath at least one evening a week. I find baths so relaxing, and I like having that me time to just unwind after a long week.

However, if I am having a special self-care night of pampering, I usually go out of my way to make it extra special and luxurious. This includes things I don’t usually do if I am just squeezing a bath into a busy week.

Some of these things can include:

2) Use face masks

I think when people picture self-care nights in their heads, they get a mental image of people using face masks. That image seems to be synonymous with the thought of pampering yourself.

I often use two forms of face masks. I like to start off with an exfoliating face mask like a mud mask, or my favorite clay mask.

Then I will follow that up with a sheet mask.

3) Body care

Before getting into the bath, I usually do some form of body care as well. So many people talk about skin care, and it is mostly focused on the face, but not as much about body care. I usually use an exfoliating glove, and an exfoliating body scrub to get rid of any dead skin cells, and then I rinse myself off in the shower before my bath.

4) A hair mask

I will often use a hair mask at this time as well. Since I am taking the time to look after the rest of myself, I don’t want to neglect my hair.

You can always do many of these activities at once to make the best use of your time. For example, you could apply a face mask and the hair mask and get into the bath.

5) Moisturize

After exfoliating, it is a good idea to moisturize to ensure that your skin does not dry out. It also leaves your skin feeling so soft, and ensures my skin really feels like I am looking after it.

6) Put on comfy clothing or pajamas

I like to put on a pair of pajamas that I don’t normally wear, something that feels a bit more special. This just helps my mind make the connection that I am doing something special other than just throwing on the same pajamas that I wear every night.

7) Reflection time

Once I am all comfy and cozy and feel like my external self-care has been taken care of, I like to spend some time doing some internal self-care. This includes things like journaling, going through a workbook if there is something I feel I need to focus on, or even doing a coloring book to help relax.

Journaling can be such a huge tool for not only self-care, but to your health and wellness overall.

8) Climb into bed

Once I have done the previous step I usually feel so much calmer and centered. This is usually when I will climb into bed and spend a few more minutes reflecting. I will usually close my eyes and take some deep breaths and just focus on how relaxed and pampered I feel. This helps with mindfulness and really helps me feel present in that moment.

It also ensures my mind has a moment to make the connection that yes, I just did all of these things to take care of myself.

A graphic that lists several self-care night ideas. Such as journaling, taking a hot bath, coloring, face masks and exfoliating.

Hosting a self care night with others

There are times when I will host a self-care night for others, just to ensure they are also taking care of themselves. Like I said above, this can either include members of my family, or I have even had self-care nights with my friends before.

I think this can be a great idea. You get some wonderful new ideas for what other self-care activities people might enjoy, and you also get to take care of your social-self care at the same time.

Below are some self care night ideas of things I do when hosting a self care night with others

1) Have them change into something comfy

This is always my first step, even if they aren’t members of my household. When I invite my friends over for a self-care night, I will ask them to bring something comfy to change into when they first get to my place. This really helps the body know that something different is happening, and helps you to really relax when you aren’t in your normal everyday clothes.

This can include things like fluffy robes, cute comfy pajama sets, or one time we even all wore matching silk satin pajamas.

2) Make your favorite hot drink

You can do this on a solo self-care night as well, but I ensure I do this for a self-care night with others. Having something like tea, or hot chocolate, or coffee can really help everyone to relax.

I also have seen people do those cute little coffee bars, which I think is such a cool idea.

3) Apply face masks

This can be a great time for you to show your friends your favorite face masks. I love this, because I usually get some great feedback from my friends, or even suggestions of new facemasks that they enjoy.

4) Try out eye masks

I love using eye masks as well. I feel they are great for anti-aging or if you have bags or fine lines under your eyes.

5) Use face rollers

I love using face rollers. I find after using sheet masks, they really help to make sure any remaining serum makes its way into the skin. Plus they are just fun to use, especially the ice ones that you freeze.

My friend swears by them for her migraines which is a nice extra benefit.

6) Try Foot baths

I usually have a few of these kicking around the house, and my friends and I will usually use them as we lay back with our face masks on.

Just remember to change the water in between each person.

7) Journal or color

I always have at least one hundred different notebooks floating around my house, so I usually I will gift one to each of my guests, along with some writing utensils, and give everyone some thought provoking journal prompts.

Or I have friends that love to color too, so sometimes we will just sit and do an adult coloring book and talk.

We have done crafts during this time too, which I think is a really fun activity.

I just try to make sure whatever we do, it’s relaxing and not stressful, since the whole point of the evening is to relax and unwind.

Ideas to add to a solo self care night routine

Adding more self-care activities to my normal night routine is completely different than having a whole self-care night. I find it helpful to separate my night routine into sections. This is what my normal self care night routine looks like:

1) Preparation

This can seem a little weird to some people, because why would you need to prepare every night before you go to sleep?

However, this is where I just take care of all the little small tasks that need to be done. I find it is important for me to do these things ahead of time, so that I can really get these taken care of and finished, so that the rest of the evening I can spend unwinding and preparing for bed.

  • Tidy up my house
  • Tidy up my bedroom and the space around my bed
  • Do any prep work for tomorrow example: Making lunch, setting goals for the next day, checking my calendar

2) Unwind

  • Put away any electronics
  • Plug my phone in
  • Set my alarm
  • Stretch/Yoga/Exercise

3) Relax

  • Make something warm to drink like tea (for me it is hot lemon water)
  • Journal (I write about how my day went, what I am grateful for, what the plans and goals are for the next day, and I visualize how I want the day to go)
  • Take a bath or have a warm shower
  • Change into what I am wearing for the night
  • Do my skin care routine
  • Brush my teeth and hair

4) Sleep

  • Do anything I need to do to ensure I have a good nights sleep this can include…
  • Cooling the room down
  • Turning on a soothing noise machine
  • Going to bed at a good time

These are just examples of all of the things that I do when it comes to a self-care night, however it is important to remember that some of these things might not be right for you.

Self-care is a personal thing, so it is important to plan a self-care night based on your own unique needs and goals.

I hope this helped!

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