I Need Someone To Take Care of Me (7 Reasons Why You Feel Like This)

A woman cuddles under a blanket on a couch while a man hands her a mug. He is taking care of her.

Do you know someone that seems super strong and independent? Maybe they love to travel the world alone, and always seem like they are up to these breathtaking adventures. Or maybe they are a single parent with multiple kids and seem like they are juggling so many things at once and doing it without anyone else’s help. 

Some people out there are inherently independent. They seem to almost come out of the womb wanting to do everything for themselves and not wanting anyone else to help them with anything. 

Other people like balance. They want someone to take care of them, but also want to take care of that other person in return. 

And for some people sometimes being fully dependent on others isn’t a choice. For example, people with health conditions that need help to care for themselves. 

But in this article we are going to talk about the people that want someone to take care of them and might say “I need someone to take care of me” , rather than be independent, and why I used to be one of them. 

7 Reasons why you want to be taken care of

1) You are burned out 

As someone who has personally experienced burnout in the past, it is not something to mess around with or to be taken lightly. When you feel so overwhelmed and stressed out that your mind and body begin to shut down, it can become too hard to function. Regular everyday tasks, or even activities that you used to take joy in, can feel like the worst thing in the world.  

I remember I knew something was very wrong in my life, when at the thought of having to submit an online payment for a household bill (like I did every month) I began having a panic attack. The problem wasn’t that we didn’t have the money for it, but just having one tiny extra thing on my plate felt like someone was asking me to scale a mountain.  

When my husband offered to take care of this task for me, I cried happy tears.  

At that time in my life I needed people to step in and take care of me because I was experiencing burnout. 

2) You have been doing all the giving in your relationships 

I can’t tell you the number of times I have heard people complain about how they feel like they are doing everything around their homes and their partners are not contributing at all to the daily tasks it takes to keep a household running.

Not only is this not healthy, and can lead to burnout like mentioned above, but it can lead to resentment in relationships which is like poison. Many promising relationships are destroyed by resentment.  

Not everything can be balanced and perfect all the time, but when things become unbalanced and one partner feels like they are doing the brunt of the work, from looking after the kids, to cooking and cleaning, to other chores or even financially, it is never a good thing.  

If this continues for an extended period of time, of course that person would want to reverse places and have someone else look after them for a change. They might even feel like their partner no longer cares about them at all. 

3) Your self-care is not good 

When you do not take care of yourself properly it becomes much easier to get overwhelmed and burned out in a situation you might not normally bat an eye over. Self-care makes you much more resilient and resistant to stress and helps to reduce stress in the first place. It also helps you to discover your needs and express them in a healthy and productive way, so that you do not let problems pile up and get out of control in the first place. 

When your self care is suffering, you usually don’t feel good either. When we don’t feel good it makes sense we would want someone else to look after us.

4) You lack confidence 

When you lack confidence, you might believe that someone could take better care of you than you can do yourself. It can feel easier to step back and let someone take all the control of your life, because you feel incompetent at it. However, no one can ever know you better than you know yourself.

You are the best person to take care of you!

5) You dislike your job 

When you feel trapped in a toxic situation, like a job you hate, it can be easy to take on that strain and stress. Wanting someone to swoop in and save the day and rescue you from that situation and just take care of you in general makes a lot of sense.

6) You have no one to talk to 

Are you the person that people normally come to with their problems? If you have no one in your life that you can truly vent to, it can feel like you are the support person for your friends and your family, but that no one really listens to you.

Trying to be strong for everyone else around you while also having to be strong yourself can be exhausting. If you feel like you are taking on everyone else’s problems on top of your own that can be a lot to handle.  

Wanting someone to listen to you about your problems, or to simply check on you sometimes is not unreasonable.  

7) You have come down with an illness

I feel like when we get sick, many people revert to that childlike state of “just wanting your mom”, and wanting someone to take care of you and make you feel better. It could be someone to cook you soup, rub your back, bring you medicine to help you feel better etc.

Everyone wants to feel important to other people. We want to matter, and to know that there are people in this crazy world that care about us.  

However, being independent and having the ability to look after ourselves, and others at times when they are unable to care for themselves, is extremely important to living a happy life.

It is important to know when we are just going through a hard time and need some extra love and care for those around us, and when we need to fix something to regain our independence.

Take care of yourself!

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