66 Creative Journal Prompts for Mental Health (Must Try)

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If you are reading this post, chances are you are a self-improvement journey much like I was (and still am). Searching for ways to improve our mental health and increase our happiness can seem challenging at times.

However, one of the most helpful tools when it comes to improving our mental health is super simple.

It isn’t some fancy trip around the world.

It isn’t a weekend getaway at a 5-star spa.

You can probably guess it by the title of this article but it’s journaling.

I was a skeptic at the start of my own journey. I have always had a diary, or journal off and on for years but that was just because I loved to write. I didn’t view is at a tool that could actually help to improve my mental health and my self-care.

But it can. Today I’m going to share the reasons why journaling improves our mental health plus share my favorite mental health journal prompts!

How can journaling improve our mental health?

1) It’s a great self-care activity

Self-care has been proven to help to decrease stress, and improve our mental health and well-being. Journaling can be an integral part of that.

2) It helps us process our emotions in a healthy way

Journaling can be a safe place for us to vent and express ourselves without the fear of judgment. After all, no one is going to read our journal unless we give them access to it.

3) It promotes self-reflection

Sometimes journaling can act almost like a mirror, reflecting parts of ourselves back at us. It isn’t always parts that we wanted to think about, but that kind of self-reflection can inspire real growth which can help us to become more resilient.

4) It can help us to problem solve

Sometimes, that problem that is causing us so much stress and anxiety in the first place can be solved if we decide to journal about it. Looking at it from a new perspective can give you all new solutions.

5) It can increase our positivity

When we journal, sometimes we write about bad things and experiences, but we also write about good things. From great memories we want to preserve, small things we appreciate, or what we are grateful for about our life, all of these things can help us to think more positively.

66 Journal prompts for mental health

Journal prompts for checking on our mental health

1) How have I been feeling lately?

2) What has been causing me stress?

3) What situations trigger my anxiety and what can I do to make them more comfortable?

4) What has been making me unhappy?

5) What brings me joy?

6) What was the last time I felt depressed?

7) How do my worries affect my daily life?

8) What do I feel is going wrong in my life right now?

9) What drains me?

10) What is every emotion that I felt today?

11) What is my most frequent negative emotion?

12) What is my most frequent positive emotion?

13) What triggers me when I’m feeling angry?

14) What made me laugh today?

15) Is there anything negative currently affecting my mental health? And if so why?

16) How much sleep have I been getting?

17) Have I been eating healthy?

18) Have I been exercising?

Journal prompts for healing our mental health

1) What has been making me happy?

2) What am I most proud of?

3) What excites me?

4) What is the kindest things I can do for myself when I am hurting?

5) What would my life be like if I didn’t struggle with my mental health?

6) Write a list of 15 songs that always make me feel happier.

7) What are three things I would do if I wasn’t afraid of anything?

8) What physical symptoms show up when I feel anxiety?

9) How do I feel when I spend time away from social media?

10) How do I feel when I spend time alone?

11) Does my space feel safe?

12) What are three things that trigger my anxiety or depression and what can I do to avoid those triggers?

13) I remember feeling…

14) When was the last time I smiled and laughed?

15) Are my worries realistic?

16) What area of my life am I most unhappy with?

17) How can I start making changes in that area?

18) My worst fear is…

19) On a scale from 1-10 my anxiety today is at level…

20) What does unconditional love look like to me?

21) Am I sacrificing my personal needs to make others happy?

22) What is missing from my life?

23) Who do I want to be tomorrow?

Journal prompts for strengthening our mental health

1) What is one big thing I’ve learned that I would tell my younger self?

2) When things feel tough, I want to remember…

3) What positive changes have I made lately?

4) What words do I need to hear right now?

5) What are my 5 best talents?

6) Is there anyone in my life who always puts me in a good mood?

7) What is the best compliment I’ve ever received?

8) When I’m in a rut what helps to get me out of it?

9) I am strong because…

10) When do I feel most at ease?

11) When is the last time I did something nice for myself?

12) When do I feel whole and peaceful?

13) I will never…

14) Right now I could not live without…

15) Are there any decisions I could make right now that would improve my mental health?

16) I really appreciate…

17) A perfect day starts with ….

18) I smiled when…

19) What are three things I can do to improve my mental health?

20) What new opportunities have come out of the challenges I’ve faced?

21) What can I do to make more time for myself this week?

22) How do I remind myself that I am enough?

23) What is a past struggle that I have overcome?

24) How have my struggles made me stronger?

25) What can I do today to make myself feel better tomorrow?

I hope you find this list of mental health journal prompts helpful. Feel free to share this post on Pinterest or social media, or to print out this list for your own personal use!

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