The Ultimate List Of Coping Skills (85 Creative Ideas)

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Unfortunately, everyone experiences times of great difficulty and stress at some point in their lives. It is important now more than ever to ensure that you are taking care of yourself properly. You need to have the right tools and resources on hand to get you through those tough times and to help you get back to living your best life.

A list of coping skills, or techniques that you can use when times are hard can be a great tool to have. You could also try other tools like an emergency self-care kit, and you could even print this list and have it inside your kit just in case feel you need it.

What is a coping skill?

A coping skill is a broad term that gets thrown around loosely, but it basically any activity that is good for your mental health or mental self-care.

Basically, any healthy habit or activity that can distract you or help to reduce stress could be considered a coping skill.

Why do we need coping skills?

Coping skills can help us to lower our expectations, process or release difficult emotions, practice positive self-care techniques, engage in problem-solving, and distance or distract ourselves from the cause of stress, until a time we are better equipped to handle what we may be going through.

Sometimes we aren’t yet ready to process our feelings and emotions and it may be easier to distract ourselves with something else.

In times of immense stress, it can be good to keep a list like this on hand for the times that you can’t think clearly and may really need it.

List of coping skills

  1. Go for a walk
  2. Meditate
  3. Write in your journal
  4. Read a book
  5. Be kind to yourself
  6. Breathing exercises
  7. Eat a healthy snack or meal
  8. Take a mental health day off from work
  9. Practice mindfulness
  10. Go for a run
  11. Listen to music
  12. Talk to a friend
  13. Use a face mask
  14. Garden
  15. Watch a funny movie
  16. Take a nap
  17. Try a digital detox
  18. Do something nice for someone else
  19. Go to the gym
  20. Play an instrument
  21. Listen to a podcast
  22. Bake something
  23. Spend an entire day doing self-care activities
  24. Paint something
  25. Go to the beach
  26. Write a story
  27. Soak in the sun
  28. Listen to soothing sounds
  29. Close your eyes and visualize your favorite place
  30. Stretch
  31. Go to therapy
  32. De-clutter your space
  33. Take a bubble bath
  34. Do something creative
  35. Practice gratitude
  36. Spend time with family
  37. Use your five senses
  38. Go for a swim
  39. Cuddle a pet
  40. Drink water
  41. Exercise at home
  42. Think of something happy
  43. Do your nails, hair, or spend time on your makeup
  44. Try an adult coloring book
  45. Try affirmations
  46. Use positive self-talk
  47. Write a letter
  48. Doodle
  49. Do a puzzle, or play a board game
  50. Slow down
  51. Write down a list of everything that is causing you stress or anxiety and then discard it, or burn the list
  52. Eat outside (picnic or on a bench or picnic table)
  53. Watch funny videos online
  54. Make a pile of things to donate
  55. Do yoga
  56. Spend quality time with a partner
  57. Take pictures of things you love
  58. Make a vision board
  59. Set a new goal
  60. Pay someone else a compliment
  61. Reorganize an area of your home
  62. Attempt a new recipe
  63. Play sports
  64. Go see a movie
  65. Vent to someone
  66. Distract yourself
  67. Organize a bookshelf
  68. Create a new list of positive affirmations
  69. Scroll through Pinterest and pin all sorts of new things you want to try, and new ideas
  70. Do a crossword or word search
  71. Use a stress ball
  72. Sing some of your favorite songs
  73. Make a list of all the good things in your life
  74. Go for a bike ride
  75. Try a new hobby
  76. Spend some time doing nothing
  77. Create a new playlist
  78. Look at your favorite pictures
  79. Play video games
  80. Crochet/ Knit/ Sew
  81. Process your feelings
  82. Read inspirational quotes
  83. Go for a drive
  84. Dance around the house
  85. Go to the park

Remember, coping skills are not meant to be a permanent solution to a problem. They are simply something to help us through a difficult moment until we are better equipped to handle or deal with our problems.

Are there any coping skills that I missed on the list that you enjoy and find really help you?

Let me know!

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