43 May Quotes To Celebrate The Month

May quotes

May is one of my favorite months. The weather gets warmer. Flowers start to bloom. And you can feel that summer is on its way.  

It is a month of new beginnings and excitement that summer is almost here. That is why I wanted to share some May quotes to help celebrate. 

May Quotes

  1. “May is the month of expectation, the month of wishes, the month of hope.” – Emily Brontë 
  2. “May, the month of maybes.” – unknown 
  3. “Let all thy joys be as the month of May, And all thy days be as a marriage day.” – Thomas Tusser 
  4. “Among the changing months, May stands confest The sweetest, and in fairest colors dressed.” – Edmund Spenser 
  5. “And all the world is glad with May.” – John Burroughs  

Quotes About May

  1. “May, more than any other month of the year, wants us to feel most alive.” – Fennel Hudson 
  2. “May, the month of sunshine, blooming flowers, and endless possibilities.” – unknown 
  3. “May is green and pink and red.” — Richard L. Ratliff 
  4. “What have you wanted to do but never started yet? May may be the month to give it a go.” – unknown 
  5. “May your day be beautiful, like the month of May.” – unknown 

Quotes For The Month of May

  1. “May, queen of blossoms, and fulfilling flowers, what pretty music shall we charm the hours?” – Lord Edward Thurlow 
  2. “Small reminders for May to keep a good mood and your heads up.” – unknown 
  3. “The world’s favorite season is the spring. All things seem possible in May.” – Edwin Way Teale” 
  4. “May is the perfect time to take a breath of fresh air and enjoy the beauty of spring.” – Debasish Mridha 
  5. “Hello, May. Do to our hearts what you do to earth’s flowers.” – unknown 
  6. “May your May be merry and bright.” – unknown 

May quotes

Quotes For May

  1. “Spring is the time for plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy 
  2. “May is the month of promise and the sweet beginnings of summer.” – unknown 
  3. “The last days of May are among the longest of the year.” – Alice Munro 
  4. “May is the month of rebirth and renewal.” – unknown 
  5. “May the warmth of the sun and the fresh breeze of May greet you with a warm hello.” – unknown 
  6. “May your joy bloom, just like the flowers in May.” – unknown 

May Sayings

  1. “The month of May is the gateway to summer.” – Jean Hersey 
  2. “May is the time when everything awakens and springs into action.” – unknown 
  3. “Queer things happen in the garden in May. Little faces forgotten to appear, and plants thought to be dead suddenly wave a green hand to confound you.”  —Elizabeth von Arnim 
  4. “Take action. Work hard, and enjoy every day of May.” – unknown 
  5. “April showers bring May flowers.” – unknown 

May Quote

  1. “May the flowers remind us why the rain was so necessary.” – Xan Oku  
  2. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!'” – Robin Williams 
  3. “May is the month of beauty, where we can appreciate the world around us.” – unknown 
  4. “The month of May is the gateway to summer.” – Jean Hersey 
  5. “May the month of May be a month of sunshine, happiness, and endless blessings.” — unknown 

May quote

May Month Quotes

  1. “Spring adds new life and new beauty to all that is.” – Jessica Harrelson 
  2. “All things seem possible in May.” – unknown 
  3. “May is a month of rebirth, of renewed vitality and energy.” – Lailah Gifty Akita 
  4. “Hello, May. Please be awesome.” – unknown 
  5. “O, the month of May, the merry month of May. So frolic, so gay, and so green, so green, so green!” – Thomas D’Urfey 

Quotes About The Month of May

  1. “May is a bridge between winter and summer.” – Terri Guillemets 
  2. “Hope your month is positively  aMAYzing.” – unknown 
  3. “May is the month when nature is reborn, and everything is possible.” – unknown 
  4. “Never will you have this day in May again. So make it count.” – unknown 
  5. “May is the time when the flowers bloom, the birds sing, and the world awakens from its winter slumber.” – unknown 
  6. “May brings happiness and joy to all.” – unknown 

Final Thoughts…

I hope these May quotes bring you happiness. 

Take care of yourself.  

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