New Week New Goals. Make Sunday The Best Day Of Your Week

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I used to hate Sundays with a burning passion, and I know I am not alone. Monday always seems to be the popular choice for everyone’s least favorite day of the week, but there was always something about Sunday that I seemed to dislike even more. 

However, since starting my own self-love and self-care journey, my attitude around Sunday has completely shifted. Sunday has now become my most productive, and valuable, day of the week. 

Have you ever heard of the saying “new week new goals”? Sunday is the perfect day to reset your week, your goals, and yourself, ensuring when Monday arrives you can start your week off on the right foot and are set up for success. 

Not many people even realize that for half of the world, Sunday is the first day of the week, and not Monday.

In this article, we are going to review why people typically hate Sundays, and actionable steps you can take to make Sunday your new favorite day of the week. 

Why do people hate Sundays? 

1) It marks the end of the weekend

The number one reason most people don’t like Sundays is because for the majority, it means our weekend is over and we have to return to work again on Monday.  

If you hate your job, the sense of dread can intensify, causing all sorts of negative feelings and emotions which can ruin your Sunday, and even your whole weekend. 

2) They dislike the anticipation 

For me, the anticipation of knowing my free time was slowly ticking away by the minute is what really caused me the most stress and anxiety surrounding Sundays. 

I knew I was wasting time by worrying about it, but at the time I couldn’t help it.

3) They have a negative Sunday routine 

People often hate Sundays because they associate some sort of negative routine or habit with the day. It could be an old routine that no longer serves them, but they don’t know how to change their habits.

Or It could be something like being forced to go to church if you are not religious or have previous religious trauma. It could even be that every Sunday you go for supper at a family member’s house, but maybe your toxic brother is always there. Or you have childhood trauma.  

4) Sundays are boring 

Often, Sunday can be the least exciting day of the week. People don’t go out as often, take as many risks, or go on adventures on Sundays like they might do on a Saturday, because most people know they have to return to work on Monday.  

Many people don’t have work to keep them occupied on a Sunday, and if they don’t have a good use for their time boredom can really begin to set in. 

5) They had had a bad week 

If your week just sucked overall, it can continue to suck right up until Sunday.  

Having a really bad week doesn’t magically get better simply because it is the weekend. Your negative feelings about the week can bleed over into the weekend. This can leave you feeling sad and overwhelmed and exhausted. 

6) They procrastinated 

Maybe you had big goals, or a large to-do list that you wanted to tackle, but instead you spent the entire weekend glued to the couch and watching the new season of your favorite show that they just dropped on Netflix.  

If you weren’t as productive as you planned to be on the weekend, it can leave you feeling disappointed in yourself and overwhelmed with the amount of things still on your plate when Sunday evening, and reality, sets in.

7) They are lonely 

Sundays are often viewed as a family day. If you are single, or don’t have any family around you, Sundays can be a fairly lonely day, especially if everyone else around you is spending Sundays with their families and you are the odd one out. 

What to do on a Sunday to make it your new favorite day of the week 

1) Do something active 

If you feel gross, not energetic, or even just a general sense of Sunday “blahs”, doing something active can boost your endorphin levels and make you feel better. Taking a walk or doing a fun workout might be just the thing to push you out of that funk. 

2) Review your previous week for positives 

Looking back at everything you have accomplished that previous week can be a great self-esteem boost and can really help motivate you for the week ahead. 

3) Vent about your awful week and then let it go 

The biggest problem with stress isn’t feeling it in the first place, it’s that many of us never learn how to process it properly and to let it go. Instead, we hold onto it and bottle it up, pretending everything is okay until it builds up so much that we get burned out or we explode. 

Letting that stress out, either by venting, or exercising, or doing something therapeutic like journaling or going to therapy can really wipe the slate clean and help you feel better. 

4) Make fun plans for the week ahead 

If you are one of those people that finds themselves feeling lonely on Sundays, making social plans can really give you something to look forward to and stop you from feeling so alone.  

5) Write a to-do list 

With plenty of fun activities planned on the weekends, It can be easy to get sidetracked and lose sight of all the important things you wanted to accomplish, especially if you have ADHD like me.  

Having a to-do list can ensure you don’t forget anything important and can help keep you on task, so you don’t feel so defeated.  

Feeling organized can also help prevent your tasks from becoming overwhelming in the future. 

6) Dedicate the day to self-care 

Self-care Sunday is absolutely a thing. When we make the day all about refreshing and rejuvenating ourselves, we start off our week with a totally different state of mind and set ourselves up for success. 

Participating in as many self-care activities as possible will help you to feel your best, so that you can focus on reaching your goals in the week ahead. 

7) Activate your mind 

If you no longer enjoy your job, this can make Sundays tough and really leave you dreading the coming week.  

This is usually a sign that it is either time to move on from that job, or it is time to look for other things to fill the void that your job is creating. Volunteering, or participating in intellectual self-care activities like teaching someone something, learning something new like a new language or skill, or trying a puzzle or brain game, can help you to feel more fulfilled. 

However, on a personal note, if your job is long longer making you happy, Sunday is a great day to use that time to look for other new and exciting career opportunities. You might still have to return to the other job on Monday, but just knowing you are taking action to change your situation can stop you from feeling so trapped. 

8) Set goals for the week ahead 

By setting specific goals for you week ahead, you set yourself up for success and make your goals that much more attainable.  

When I journal on Sundays, I will write down a list of goals for my week ahead so I know exactly how I want the week to go in my mind.

These eight things are what I do to start off my new week with new goals and ensure that my coming week is going to be a great one.  

9) Change your mindset

Changing your mindset and point of view is a literal superpower. By focusing on the positive instead of the negative, it can make you so much happier and actually give you the power, energy, and motivation to make the days better.

You could do this by meditation, affirmations, or becoming more mindful.

It can be helpful to look at Sunday as a fresh start to a new week. No matter how bad the previous week went, but you can always start again with a new week on Sunday.

Did I miss anything from the list? Let me know!

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