12 Things To Do When You Have No Support System

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When you are trying to work on yourself, or going through a tough time, one of the first suggestions that people make is to lean on your support system for help.

Having a good support system in place is a crucial part of your social self-care.

But what happens if you don’t have a good support system around you?

Maybe you are in a new environment, or have toxic family and friends, or simply don’t have a lot of family and friends.

Whatever the reason, it is not something to feel guilty about.

Not everyone is blessed with a wonderful support system so I decided to compile a list of things you can do if you feel like you have no support system.

What To Do If You Have No Support System

1. Be Your Own Support System

The one person that you can always count on in life is yourself.

By making yourself a priority and loving yourself unconditionally, you can offer yourself the support that you may crave from other people.

Once you truly love yourself you will be able to find people that treat you the way that you deserve.

2. Focus On Self-Care

One of the best things you can do when you feel like you need support is to remember that you need extra care and kindness, and then give that to yourself.

By being gentle with yourself and showing yourself some extra love you can lift yourself up without needing anyone else.

Use this as an opportunity for self-care and engage in all of your favorite self-care activities to show yourself some extra love.

3. Communicate As Clearly As Possible With Others

Sometimes you have supportive people around you, but they don’t know how to provide the support that you need.

By communicating with them, and asking for what you really need from others, you may find that the ones around you are more than willing and able to support you.

Everyone’s needs and wants are different, and the people around you might not know how to help.

4. Spend More Quality Time With Your Pets

My dogs are some of my biggest forms of emotional support.

There is a lot of research out there that proves that pets are great for our mental health.

They will give you the love and support that you might be missing from a human support system.

Your pets can also be a great excuse for you to leave the house and socialize with other people that also have pets. From walking around the neighborhood to dog parks, to dog-friendly activities, you could have plenty of opportunities to connect with other pet lovers.

5. Take A New Class

From exercise, to baking, to crafts, there are all sorts of classes out there where you can connect with new people that share the same interests that you do.

Connecting with new people means that it increases the possibility of you meeting someone who could become a positive support person to you.

6. Join A Facebook Group

Although not everyone likes Facebook, it can be great to use to find people that have the same interests as you.

There are lots of Facebook groups out there, which makes it very easy for you to be able to find a group of people that you have something in common with.

You can find groups for moms in your area if you are a mom, or support groups for mental health, or ADHD, or hobbies that you enjoy, or pretty much anything else.

Just remember to proceed with caution as not all groups are created equal, and I have been a part of a few groups that have some power-hungry admins in control.

7. Join a Support Group

If there is something that you are really struggling with, a support group can be a great place to find support, even if you do have a support system in place.

Most support groups are run by a mental health professional and they can give you a safe space to connect with others that have the same thing in common with you.

They can also provide you a safe place for you to vent and express yourself and your feelings.

8. Make Friends Online

If you have trouble connecting with people in person, you might have more luck connecting with people over the Internet.

It has never been easier to make friends online than it is today. From so many different social media platforms, websites, apps, and online communities there really are no shortage of places for you to find people to connect with.

Some of the most supportive people I have ever met are those that I have met over the Internet.

Just be cautious with how much you share and with who, as there are plenty of people out there waiting to take advantage of people who are vulnerable.

9. Volunteer Your Time

Helping other people feels good. Finding a local cause that you feel passionate about and becoming a part of something bigger than yourself can do wonders for you.

The connection you might feel from being around other people who also care about giving back to your community might be the support that you were searching for to begin with.

10. Start a Club

One of the best ways that you can become more involved with others, and surround yourself with new people is to start a new club.

It could be anything that you feel is missing from your community.

From a book club, to a body positivity club, to a club for a new hobby, by starting a new club and then putting yourself out there you could be surprised by who was also searching for the exact same thing.

11. Join a Team

Shortly after I had moved back to my city, I found it hard to connect with other people my age.

So I joined a beach volleyball team. Volleyball was a sport that I had enjoyed playing on and off throughout my life, and joining a league full of people I didn’t know was scary, but it was a way to put myself out there.

I ended up having so much fun and connecting with so many awesome people.

Joining a team is a great way to make connections with new people.

12. Cut Off Toxic People

If you feel like you have expressed the need for more support from the people close to you, and you aren’t getting that, or worse you are getting abuse or negativity back, it might be a sign it is time to move on from those people.

Some people are simply toxic and you will be much happier without them in your life.

It can be difficult to let go, especially if those people have been in your life for a long time, but it can be for the best.

If you are unable to end the relationship for some reason, then it could be smart to find ways to distance yourself from that person.

Final Thoughts On Having No Support System…

Feeling like you have no one who cares about you and supports you can make any negative feelings worse. While there are things you can do, like trying to communicate better with the people you do have around you, sometimes that simply doesn’t work.

Seeking support from people who have a lot in common with you can be a good idea, but please remember that you come first.

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