174 Top Positive Affirmations For Men

Positive affirmations for men

Women aren’t the only ones who find affirmations useful. In fact- when I first started my whole healing and self-love journey, affirmations were one of the first tools that I tried to use. Once my husband started to notice the positive changes that the affirmations were making in my life, he asked if I knew of any affirmations that he would find useful, so I gathered some that I figured he would like. 

Today I am going to share the list of positive affirmations for men that I made for my husband in the hopes that it helps other men out there. 

Why Should Men Use Positive affirmations? 

There are many positive effects to using affirmations that men could benefit from. Affirmations aren’t just meant for women. 

Research shows that affirmations can:

  • Reduce stress 
  • Increase confidence 
  • Improve wellbeing 
  • Increase resilience 
  • Improve optimism

Positive Affirmations For Men 

  1. I will face any challenges like the man that I am and overcome them with the best solutions. 
  2. The harder life gets, the more determined I am to succeed. 
  3. I am a positive-thinking, positive-talking man. I am not perfect but my optimism, hope, and faith are what carry me onwards.  
  4. I am proud of the man I am today.  
  5. I am a man of integrity.  
  6. I am responsible for looking after myself. 
  7. I matter. My opinions matter. My voice matters. My beliefs matter.  
  8. With goals and self-discipline, I will always be fulfilled enough to try even harder. 
  9. I add value everywhere that I go. 
  10. I will no longer sabotage my own success. 
  11. It is my turn to have something great happen to me today. 
  12. I am great at my job. There is no limit to how high I will climb up the corporate ladder.  
  13. My thoughts can change the world. 
  14. The more I interact with people, the better I feel about contributing to society.  
  15. I deserve good things in my life. 
  16. I am in the right environment to thrive. 
  17. I feel best when I pursue my interests and hobbies. 
  18. My value isn’t found in any external factors. It is found in who I am as a person. 
  19. I am a wealth of knowledge.  
  20. I will try new things daily. 
  21. Now is my time to shine. 
  22. I do not give up. 
  23. I am intelligent and make wise decisions. 
  24. I will set aside time for myself today. 
  25. I learn something new every day.  
  26. I will not hold onto the things that keep me stuck from moving forward.  
  27. I have talents that no one else has and I use them to make the world a better place. 
  28. I am performing well in my career and will continue to learn how to do even better.  
  29. I can conquer my fears as I have in the past. 
  30. The affirmations I use work for me, and great things manifest as a result of them. 

Daily Affirmations For Men

  1. I will make it thought this day. 
  2. By being myself I bring happiness to other people 
  3. My values are the guardrail to keep me from getting of course.  
  4. I don’t give up in hard times.  
  5. Like a fine wine, I get better with age.  
  6. I deserve all the good coming my way. 
  7. I will not be held back by anger or resentment from the past. I let it go now. 
  8. I accomplish things much faster than I have in the past. 
  9. I forgive myself for any bad decisions I have made in life and I will seek to make amends with those who I have hurt.  
  10. The harder I try, the more people will learn and be inspired by my story. 
  11. I love myself and when other people get to know me, they love me too. 
  12. I am going to succeed today.  
  13. My choices matter so I will make the right ones. 
  14. Failure does not hold me back. 
  15. I can provide wise answers to the most complicated of problems. 
  16. My priorities are in order. 
  17. When people try to take advantage of me I am too wise to fall for it. 
  18. I am not defined by my past mistakes or present situation.  
  19. I surround myself with wise people who give great advice. 
  20. I know what to do when I encounter a problem. No one has to tell me what to do. 
  21. I have come too far to abandon my dreams
  22. I can laugh at myself and enjoy doing so. 
  23. I am proud of the progress I have made in life.  
  24. I will help others, but I refuse to be pushed around. 
  25. If I complain, I will remain the same. 
  26. I am always gracious towards other people because of the second chances I have recieved in life. 
  27. I have learned from past mistakes. 
  28. Happiness, laughter, peace, and wealth surround me because I am worthy of it.  
  29. I have a purpose in life that fills me with energy, passion, excitement and joy.  

Positive affirmations for men

Morning Affirmations For Men

  1. My attitude determines my stress levels. 
  2. I am proud of the man I continue to become. 
  3. I am a natural-born leader. 
  4. Great opportunities are coming into my life like a snowball effect, increasing over time.
  5. My goals and desires are just as important as everybody else’s.  
  6. I will crush my dreams, accomplish my goals, and set new records. 
  7. I will continue being the best man I can be. 
  8. I treat other people well. 
  9. I am in the best position I have ever been in mentally, physically, socially, and financially.  
  10. I am drawn towards people and environments that build me up, not tear me down. 
  11. I am in relentless pursuit of my goals. 
  12. I will not be passive or fearful today. 
  13. I embrace my journey and will not become complacent, discouraged, or stagnant.  
  14. My personality is friendly and open and people have clear reasons for enjoying being around me. 
  15. I give myself respect even when others don’t give it to me. 
  16. I am the best version of myself that ever existed.  
  17. My past mistakes will not stop me from what I am striving to become.  
  18. I am true to myself, no matter who else is around.  
  19. It is okay to show my emotions every day.  
  20. I make a positive impact in my community. 
  21. I enjoy embracing challenging tasks that I may fail to some degree. 
  22. Whether I see the big or small picture, I can still see how important I am.  
  23. I was chosen to make the world a better place and I am. 
  24. I am proud of my abilities and enjoy exceeding expectations. 
  25. My voice is the best one to listen to as long as I take steps to stay healthy and well. 

Positive Affirmations For Him

  1. I am always improving and can always do better. 
  2. It is in my nature to succeed. 
  3. I feel better than I have felt in a long time. 
  4. Though courage and hard work, I can achieve anything I set my mind to. 
  5. I am not afraid to take new chances.  
  6. I am the king of my own destiny. 
  7. I will take advantage of every open door and seize each day as if it were my last.  
  8. I am not afraid of climbing to new heights.  
  9. I will do something today that scares, challenges, or pushes me out of my comfort zone.  
  10. I will embrace my responsibilities and prioritize what matters most.  
  11. I am more prepared for success now than I have ever been. 
  12. I treat my wife like a queen because she is one.  
  13. I will not be depressed about failed opportunities.  
  14. I know what I need to do to create a suitable environment in which to thrive.  
  15. I grow by pushing myself beyond my limits and making myself vulnerable.  
  16. Obstacles are opportunities to learn new things along the way. 
  17. My health matters. 
  18. I owe it to other people to use my resources and status to make a difference in the world. 
  19. I will not be trapped by others’ opinions of me.  
  20. Only I am in control of how healthy I am. 
  21. I can learn whatever I set my mind to. 
  22. I am only responsible for myself.  
  23. I am authentic and genuine.  
  24. I am more focused on where I am going than on who is not coming with me. 
  25. I’ve been blessed with healthy and productive relationships. My friendships and coworkers make me feel happy and confident.  

Positive affirmations for a man

Strong Man Affirmations

  1. I am strong and resilient and look forward to tacking any challenge I face. 
  2. I am wiser, stronger, and better than ever.  
  3. I am healthy and strong. 
  4. I make good things happen. 
  5. I love who I am becoming. 
  6. I push the limits every day. 
  7. Other people’s actions don’t impact my life at all. 
  8. I don’t beg for people to stay in my life. 
  9. I no longer shrink back from opportunity. 
  10. I look for the best in other people. 
  11. I have survived every adversity I have ever faced in my life. 
  12. Nothing thrown at me today will break me down. 
  13. Compliments don’t increase my confidence. My confidence comes from competence.  
  14. I can handle any situation I face because I am resilient and strong.  
  15. I know I am heading in the right direction with my life. 
  16. My success has everything to do with the choices I make.  
  17. I am thoughtful and kind. 
  18. I am a peacemaker—I have a calming effect on everyone everywhere I go.  
  19. Success attracts itself to me.  
  20. I will push forward and keep being the great man that I am. 
  21. I love myself for many reasons. The things I don’t love about myself I am changing.  
  22. I am resourceful when I am by myself. I am resourceful enough that I can continue forward without having to sacrifice a part of myself.  
  23. I am strong enough to face any challenge and use my resources to my advantage.  
  24. If I focus and stay calm, I can understand any challenge well enough to face it. 
  25. I am more attuned to my successes than my failures, but my failures empower me to know how to succeed.  

Good Morning Affirmations For Him

  1. I don’t have to be perfect today, because human perfection doesn’t exist.  
  2. I choose to be joyful today and bring happiness to every environment I enter. 
  3. Other people notice my confidence and it helps them see why positivity is important. 
  4. I have a lot of courage and will not stop helping those I love. 
  5. Whenever I fall down, I get back up again. 
  6. I am on the correct path to accomplish my goals. 
  7. I am proud of the man in the mirror. 
  8. My value is found in the gifts I have to offer other people. 
  9. I embrace new levels, new relationships, and deeper connections.  
  10. I am sensitive to the needs of those around me and offer them help when needed.  
  11. I am gifted and talented. My talents are opening unique opportunities for me to succeed. 
  12. People enjoy my company.  
  13. I make other people better. 
  14. I will make a positive impact on the world. 
  15. I am an attractive, healthy, and kind man. I love myself and others will fall in love with me too. 
  16. My approval of myself doesn’t depend on input from others. 
  17. I am the answer to someone’s question. I am the solution to someone’s problem. I am the right person at the right time.  
  18. My success and failure are solely in my hands. 
  19. It is my goal to always accomplish more. 
  20. Wealth comes to me in many forms. 
  21. I am not going to fail today. 
  22. I have the confidence and social skills I need to connect with new people.

Positive affirmations for men list

Positive Affirmations For Dads

  1. I am a great dad. 
  2. My children will always be loved, cared for, and safe.  
  3. I know my children love me. 
  4. No one will hype my kids up for than I will. 
  5. I am sensitive to the needs of my children. 
  6. I am a gift to my children, and they are a gift to me.  
  7. I am a better father than I have been in the past. 
  8. I will be positive reinforcement for my kids. 
  9. I have wonderful children, and they have a wonderful dad who provides for and protects them. 

Positive Affirmations For The Gym

  1. I am going to push myself even harder when exercising. 
  2. I love working out every day.  
  3. I will have a fantastic workout session 
  4. I will exercise until I feel I have given my best. 
  5. I am always motivated to exercise. 
  6. I feel best when I exercise.  
  7. I am focused, disciplined and ready to do my best. 
  8. I have too much energy left in the tank to give up now. 
  9. I am proud of my progress in the gym. 

Final Thoughts…

The modern definition of a strong man is changing. Thankful it has transitioned over the years from a tough, angry, person who shows no emotion and doesn’t let anyone in, to a man who is more vulnerable and in touch with his emotions. 

Affirmations are a great way to get more in touch with your emotions, to change any negative self-talk to positive, and to become a great support to the people who depend on you.  

Hopefully, these affirmations will help, 

Take care of yourself. 

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