65 Positive Self-Growth Affirmations

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How many times have you heard someone else mention self-affirmations, but weren’t sure exactly what affirmations were?  

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you become a happier and stronger person. 

By focusing on positive self-talk, you banish your fears, doubts and worries and allow your mind to focus on only positive, powerful, and motivational thoughts. 

Positive affirmations have also been proven to help you become healthier, by helping you decrease stress.

So before you let any negative thoughts affect your day, try one of these 65 positive self-growth affirmations instead. 

65 Affirmations for Self-Growth

  1. I am strong. 
  2. I can do this. 
  3. I am successful. 
  4. I am lovable. 
  5. Amazing things are going to happen. 
  6. I will achieve my goals. 
  7. I deserve to be happy. 
  8. I am proud of myself. 
  9. I am stronger because of my struggles. 
  10. I am kind. 
  11. I am a beautiful person. 
  12. I am enough. 
  13. I can make it through anything. 
  14. I am safe. 
  15. I am wanted. 
  16. I love my life. 
  17. I believe in myself. 
  18. I am worthy. 
  19. I attract wonderful things into my life. 
  20. I forgive myself and let things go. 
  21. I can do anything I set my mind to. 
  22. I am in love with my life. 
  23. I am brave. 
  24. I am ready to succeed.  
  25. I am healthy. 
  26. I believe in myself and my skills. 
  27. As long as I continue to try, I will always succeed. 
  28. I feel confident expressing myself. 
  29. I love who I am becoming. 
  30. I already have everything I need for success. 
  31. I am courageous.  
  32. I choose to feel good. 
  33. I am a fighter. 
  34. I am not my thoughts. 
  35. My mind is calm. 
  36. I am blessed beyond measure. 
  37. I am dependable and resourceful. 
  38. I choose prosperity over failure. 
  39. I take action. 
  40. I am grateful for all I have and will accomplish. 
  41. I am prepared to take advantage of all opportunities. 
  42. I will never give up on my goals and dreams. 
  43. I trust my instincts. 
  44. I accomplish everything I set my mind to. 
  45. I am a positive person. 
  46. I attract positive situations. 
  47. I am in control. 
  48. I am not my mistakes. 
  49. I invest in myself. 
  50. I lean into my gifts and strengths. 
  51. I prioritize my health and wellbeing. 
  52. I celebrate my wins, big and small. 
  53. Every step brings me closer to my goal. 
  54. I am in control of my thoughts. 
  55. I am needed in this world. 
  56. I do not need validation from others. 
  57. I am a good person.
  58. I am fearless. 
  59. My thoughts become a reality. 
  60. I will be the best I can be. 
  61. I am comfortable with growth. 
  62. It is easy for me to adapt and change. 
  63. My possibilities are endless. 
  64. I am the architect of my life. 
  65. I am brimming with energy. 

How do you use positive affirmations?  

The best way to get started using positive affirmations for self-growth is to choose one area of your life you want to focus on and change, and then choose the affirmations you find relevant to that area. When you have selected your affirmations, write them down somewhere and repeat that list everyday.

By feeding our minds with positive thoughts about ourselves and our growth, we can reprogram our subconscious.

For best practice, I would repeat your list in the morning when you wake up, and again before you go to bed every night. That way you start your day with positive thoughts, and end your day the same way.

Positive affirmations help to improve your self-perception. To encourage self-growth you need to repeat your affirmations regularly.

Changing your mindset with positive statements will help you increase your self-love, boost your confidence, and help you achieve success.  

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