How To Turn Your Bedroom Into A Self-Care Sanctuary

Self-care sanctuary

For many of us, our bedroom is the most private and intimate space in our homes. However, not all of us use the space to its fullest potential and treat it like the potential self-care resource that it can be.  

It is a good thing that there are some simple things we can do to transform our bedrooms from a cluttered place where we toss and turn and are lucky to get a few hours of restless sleep, into a blissful, recharging sanctuary.  

Let me show you how. 

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How To Turn Your Bedroom Into a Self-Care Sanctuary 

1. Say goodbye to clutter

A cluttered room contributes negatively to environmental self-care and often leads to high levels of stress and anxiety. Research shows that clutter can lead to poor decision-making like binge eating and procrastination.

That is why it is important to clean out the clutter in your bedroom if you want to make the most of your space. 

2. Pick a color scheme

Did you know that there are specific colors that experts recommend that you have in your bedroom to get the most rest? They recommend light colors like light blue, which a study by Travelodge shows that it is the color that can actually help you get the best night’s sleep. Colors like sage green, light pink, white, and beige are also high on the list of recommendations because of their associations with calm and peace.  

You don’t have to paint your walls though if you don’t want to, simply adding a few pieces of decor of that color like throw pillows, or plants, can help. 

The worst colors in your bedroom for sleep and calm are bright or dark colors, such as red, dark purple, dark brown, black and orange.  

3. Invest in your mattress

If you are going to spend money on anything in your room, I would suggest splurging on your mattress and bedding. There is no cutting corners when it comes to choosing a high-quality mattress that is going to help you get the most restful night’s sleep and help you to wake up in the morning without back or body pain so you can be your best self and crush your goals.

You also should choose a bed size that is appropriate for your situation. I can’t tell you how much my sleep improved after my husband and I finally decided to invest in a king-sized bed with a foam topper. It was life-changing. I could never go back to a queen now and don’t understand how we managed for so long without one. 

4. Pick comfy bedding

Your sheets, blankets, and pillows will all contribute to how comfortable your bed is and how much sleep you get as well. Ensure you choose good sheets and blankets that will help you maintain your optimal body temperature at night. If you like to be cool at night, try a cooling memory foam pillow. If you want to feel like you are sleeping in a cloud, choose a big fluffy comforter. If you have anxiety, try a weighted blanket, which has made a huge difference for my husband at night.  

5. Soften the lighting

While everyone needs lighting in their bedrooms, some lights are too bright to be exposed to right before you are heading to bed. Bright lights interfere with your circadian rhythm which can make it difficult for you fall asleep.  

Try having softer lighting on your bedside table, or see if you can install your ceiling light on a dimmer switch to control the brightness that way you can still see enough to journal before bed, but it won’t be bright enough to affect your sleep. Better yet if you get smart bulbs, you will be able to control the light level in your bedroom from your phone and you can even change the color of the lights so you could get your light blue bedroom at a fraction of the cost.  

6. Adjust the temperature 

According to Sleep Foundation, the optimal sleep temperature is 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit (15.6 to 20 degrees Celsius). Cooler temperatures make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep, so ensure you are turning down the thermostat before you crawl into bed at night. 

7. Block out external lighting  

To extend the length of your sleep in the summertime when the days are the longest, or to block out harsh streetlights, it would be a good idea to have window coverings that completely block out light from coming into your bedroom, and block people from being able to see into your bedroom so you can maintain your privacy and continue to make your bedroom somewhere that you feel safe and comfortable without your neighbors peering in. 

8. Get rid of the noise 

Most people find they get the most restful night’s sleep when it is nice and quiet. However, if you are someone who needs the television or music on in order to sleep, or if you have rowdy neighbors or live close to a busy street, a soothing white noise machine is a great alternative to the television. Not only will it help block out external noise, but there will be no light like there would be from a television, so you will still be able to keep the room nice and dark. 


9. Add some functional touches 

If you are someone who doesn’t like to spend a lot of time in your bedroom, there are things you add to your room to make it much more inviting and functional. For example, adding a desk to an empty wall can give you somewhere to journal, or work on creating a vision board. Placing a big comfy chair in a corner can give you somewhere to read books or review your positive affirmations

10. Post positive affirmations and or goals where you can see them 

A bedroom is a great place to display any positive affirmations or any goals that you are currently working towards, that way you will review them when you first wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night. Posting them on a wall, a mirror, or beside your bed will leave them accessible and in a place you can easily review them.  

11. Store any self-care items in your bedroom 

A bedroom is a great place to keep any self-care items you might need. For example, you could store a yoga mat under your bed, that way you are able to easily do your stretches or yoga in the morning before you leave your bedroom. You could store any special bath or body products that you don’t want other people in your house to get into (if you have to share a bathroom) in your room. Or you can keep your emergency self-care kit somewhere close like in your bedside table or the closet. Just remember that it is important to ensure you aren’t making your bedroom too cluttered. 

I hope this article helps give you some ideas on how you can turn your bedroom into a self-care sanctuary of your very own. 

Take care of yourself. 

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