10 Reasons Why Simple Is Best (Plus 10 Ideas To Simplify)

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Our world is more accessible and complicated than ever thanks to technology. With the rise of cell phones and social media, we have an endless stream of information coming at us at all times.

From multiple profiles, to streaming services, to podcasts, to blogs, to unlimited shopping options, there are so many choices out there.

It can be easy to get confused and overwhelmed when we have so much going on in our lives. Many of us could benefit by making life simpler for ourselves.

In fact, simplicity often leads to increased focus, clarity, and peace.

There aren’t a lot of situations where making things more complicated and complex makes them better.

In this article, I want to share 10 reasons why simple is best, as well as 10 easy ideas to make life simple.

10 Reasons Why Simple Is Best

There are many important reasons why living a more simple life will benefit us:

1. Increased focus

When things are less complicated it increases our focus. Fewer distractions mean we can focus on what is really important to us without getting sidetracked by superficial complications that don’t matter.

2. More Self-care

One of the biggest reasons I hear from people when it comes to why they don’t participate in a lot of self-care is that they are too busy and don’t have time.

By simplifying things (even self-care activities) we will have more time to participate in self-care, which will only improve our lives and decrease our stress.

3. Easier to make decisions

Without the distraction of multiple different choices, it makes it easier and faster to make decisions.

This will decrease the struggle or turmoil we sometimes feel when it comes to making the right decision.

4. Increased balance

When things are simplified, everything becomes less cluttered including our lives.

Without all the clutter things become more peaceful and balanced.

5. Decreased stress

When we have less of everything–obligations, meetings, responsibilities, to-do lists, things to take care of–we automatically become less stressed and overwhelmed.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get out of the stressed and overwhelmed cycle that we are living in.

But by getting rid of the things that don’t matter, we will be able to focus on the things that make us happy.

6. More energy

What would you do if you had more energy throughout the day?

Less complication in our lives gives us more energy to spend on whatever we want.

7. Higher quality friendships

Many of us keep people in our lives because of history, or convenience, and not because they actually add value to our lives.

By eliminating people that don’t treat us the way we deserve to be treated, or people that we may be wasting time and energy on, we will have more resources to develop deeper connections with the friends that remain.

8. More space

In the same way that decluttering our physical surroundings provides us with more space, simplifying our lives provides us with that same space.

Space to spend our time how we want, not how we think we should.

Space for new experiences and discovering new passions.

Space for things with value and meaning.

9. Prevents mistakes

The more complicated something is, the more chances there are for confusion and to make mistakes.

A complicated schedule means someone might get forgotten at soccer practice.

A complicated conversation means you might forget an important piece that you needed for later.

A complicated project means you could interpret something wrong and not get the results that were expected.

The simpler something is, the more clear it is.

10. More money

According to recent reports, 64% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck.

Many people out there could use more money. A benefit of living a simple life is that we buy less things, or get rid of things that cost us money.

By prioritizing what is important, we will lose the urge to find our self-worth in things, instead of who we are as people.

10 Easy Ideas To Make Life Simple

  • Minimialize – Get rid of everything you don’t need
  • Prioritize your schedule – What extra things can you remove from your calendar?
  • Make a routine and stick to it
  • Simplify your meals – they don’t have to be complicated and take all-day
  • Online shop when you can or pick up groceries
  • Invest in something that would make your life easier (landscaping, a house cleaner etc.)
  • Create a home for everything in your house – for example lunch kits go in the drawer
  • Organize
  • Cut toxic people out of your life
  • Multitask if possible – See what things you do that you could group together and do all at once or at the same time as something else to free up time

So Is Simple Really Best?

I think it is up to personal opinion if you think simple is best or not.

However, something that gives us more time, energy, and money doesn’t seem like a bad thing to me.

What do you think?

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