50 Positive Sleep Affirmations For The Best Sleep Ever

A man used his sleep affirmations and is sleeping comfortably in his bed

Ensuring that we get enough quality sleep at night in order to be the best version of ourselves is harder than it may sound. We all have so much going on in our lives that sleep is usually the last thing on our minds, and the first thing we seem to sacrifice in place of something else we deem more important. 

However, sleep is actually one of the most important parts of our physical self-care, because we need quality sleep for our mental health, physical health, and the health of our brain.

Multiple studies also show that we need sleep to be truly productive.

But did you know that positive sleep affirmations can help you to sleep better?

In this post we will review what sleep affirmations are, why they help, and some examples of positive affirmations for sleep. 

What are sleep affirmations?  

Affirmations are positive statements or phrases that we repeat to ourselves that can shift our mindset from negative to positive and help us achieve our goals. 

Sleep affirmations are ones that we say out loud, write, or listen to before going to bed at night that help us to get in the right mindset for sleep.  

50 positive sleep affirmations

  1. I am ready to rest 
  2. I release all worries and focus on having a wonderful nights sleep 
  3. All tension melts away from me 
  4. I release the day 
  5. I am ready for the fresh start tomorrow brings 
  6. I am in control of my thoughts and choose positive ones 
  7. I deserve to feel good at the end of the day 
  8. I am ready to have a night of healing and rest 
  9. I am thankful for the chance to do nothing but rest 
  10. The decisions I made today bring me closer to my dream life 
  11. I release anything that did not go well today 
  12. I have the potential to make tomorrow an opportunity for growth and change 
  13. I am grateful for today 
  14. My mind is calm and quiet 
  15. I am happy with the goals I achieved today 
  16. I feel happy and relaxed 
  17. I know I did my best today 
  18. I appreciate all that I’ve learned today 
  19. I am enough. I did enough. I can let go. 
  20. I only hold onto positive feelings from today 
  21. My mind is quiet and peaceful 
  22. I fall asleep knowing all is well 
  23. I will wake up well rested and ready to have the best day 
  24. It feels great to be still 
  25. I sleep deeply through the night 
  26. Sleep comes naturally to me 
  27. I will wake up more confident and driven 
  28. I feel calm and whole 
  29. I allow sleep to make my mind and body stonger 
  30. My body heals while I sleep 
  31. I can sleep whenever I choose 
  32. A good nights sleep gives me strength 
  33. It feels good to be still 
  34. I invite my body and mind to be restored by sleep 
  35. I fall asleep easily and fast 
  36. I trust in my skills and gifts 
  37. My dreams unlock doors to new opportunities 
  38. I deserve this rest 
  39. I always sleep well 
  40. Good things are heading my way 
  41. My confidence, health, and happiness will improve as I sleep 
  42. I am falling asleep with a full heart and clear mind 
  43. I release the things causing me anxiety or stress 
  44. I am safe 
  45. I appreciate everything I have 
  46. I choose to have peaceful dreams 
  47. I deserve to slow down and relax 
  48. I am happy to be able to sleep 
  49. I can have a worry free sleep knowing tomorrow will be a great day 
  50. My dreams are full of love and happiness 

Tips to get the most out of your sleep affirmations 

Declutter your space 

Tidying our bedroom, and the area around to our bed can enable us to get a better sleep at night. Clutter can leave us feeling overwhelmed and thinking about the mess instead of our affirmations. 

Make yourself as comfortable as possible 

Setting the room up to our sleeping preference ahead of time can make a lot of difference. Adjusting the room temperature, the lighting, and the bedding can all help. 

Get rid of distractions 

Turning off the television, putting away our phone, and setting our alarm before we get into bed can help put us in the right mindset for calm. 

Getting enough sleep can feel like an impossible task, but it is so important to ensure we are living our best lives and living up to our full potential.  

I hope these affirmations can help with that.

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