8 Social Self Care Ideas For Introverts (And 4 Tips To Make Them Easier)

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Often times it can be difficult for introverts to live in a world where people that are outgoing and social are celebrated. Introverts are easily misunderstood and can be mistreated by others who do not understand them.  

However, it is possible for introverts to mistreat themselves as well.

The idea of self-care can seem overwhelming when you are an introvert. It can be difficult for them to commit to self-care fully, knowing that one of the main areas of self-care is social self care. 

In this post, we are going to cover what an introvert is, what the difference is between extroverts and introverts, what an ambivert is, 8 social self-care ideas for introverts, and 4 tips to make them easier.

What is an introvert?  

An introvert is someone who possesses the qualities of a personality characterized by introversion. That means they are someone who feels more comfortable focusing on themselves and their inner ideas and thoughts instead of focusing on what is happening around them.  

They would rather spend time alone than socialize, and when they do socialize they would prefer spending time with one or two people rather than crowds or large groups.  

Introverts often need alone time to recover and “recharge their batteries” 

What is the difference between extroverts and introverts?  

While extroverts gain energy from social interactions, introverts lose energy when they are around other people for long periods of time. 

Extroverts thrive in most social situations, and can actually feel sad, bored, or even depressed if they spend too much time by themselves. Introverts can feel overwhelmed and overstimulated from social interaction and need time alone. 

Each also process information differently in the brain.

Extroverts process information by physically doing things, and by speaking. However, introverts process information by observing and thinking.  

What are ambiverts? 

An ambivert is someone in the middle. They can relate to both introverts and extroverts depending on the situation or their mood.  

Sometimes they like to socialize but they also need their own alone time as well. They are okay working in groups or alone, and sometimes they talk a lot and other times they keep to themselves.  

How do introverts take care of themselves? 

Unlike extroverts, introverts need to spend time alone in order to recharge. Spending time someplace quiet without other people around can do wonders for them.  

It makes sense then that they would love many aspects of self-care. There are a lot of self-care activities that you can do alone, and that would help someone who is introverted recharge even faster.  

But how does an introvert participate in social self-care and make sure those needs are met?

What are some ideas for self-care for introverts?

8 social self care ideas as an introvert graphic. Lists the 8 reasons in the post below this picture.

1) Spend time in a crowded place without forced participation 

Sometimes it isn’t being around groups of large people that introverts find draining, it is being forced to interact with lots of people all at once.  

Spending time at something like a busy movie, a concert, or even a crowded coffee shop can still help you to fill those social batteries without being overwhelmed by having to interact with anyone.  

2) Make more one-on-one plans 

Social self-care doesn’t mean you have to spend time with as many people at once as possible. It simply means that people are social creatures by nature, and being social can help you be a much happier person, even if you are an introvert.  

Spending time with one other person you know or trust is a great example of social self-care. 

3) Do a social media detox 

It is no coincidence that introverts find themselves getting overwhelmed by social media more often than extroverts. Interacting with other people doesn’t have to be face-to-face.  

If you find yourself getting burned out by all the commenting and sharing and interacting that is happening on social media it can be a good idea to participate in a social media detox. Picking a set amount of time to step away from social media, or even deleting your social media all at once can help you to reset your batteries.  

4) Reconnect with someone you’ve lost touch with 

Is there anyone from your past that you miss and really regret falling out of touch with? By putting yourself out there and reaching out to them, you are re-forming a social connection that could come to mean a lot to you. 

5) Spend time with small groups instead of large ones 

Gatherings of people don’t have to be large. Spending time with a handful of people you trust and enjoy, can help to refill your social batteries without overwhelming you. 

Instead of going to a large and loud party, try inviting a few people over for a fun game night, or attend the party before you know most people are likely to show up and leave as more people arrive.

6) Go shopping 

Shopping is an activity that can take you out of the house and around other people, without forcing you to speak to them if you don’t feel comfortable. You can pick and choose who you interact with by asking questions about something if you feel you want to, as well as interacting with salespeople if you are making a purchase. You could even bring a friend with you to spend more time being social. 

7) Go on a solo trip 

I know what you are probably thinking. How is going on a trip all by yourself an example of social self-care?  

I don’t know about you, but I depend on my partner most of the time to make conversation and interact with strangers when we are out in public. By traveling somewhere else and not having him with me to fallback on, I am forced to interact with other people. From asking for directions or a recommendation to checking into a hotel or a spa, or asking about something on a menu. When you are traveling alone you have to do it all by yourself.  

8) Form relationships or connections online 

Social self-care doesn’t always have to be in person. By sending someone a message, commenting something nice on a picture, or responding to a video, you are still being social.  

Some tips to remember to make social self-care easier 

Don’t make last-minute plans 

Many introverts need some time to accept that their alone time is going to be interrupted. Making plans well in advance will help you to work up the courage and arrive better prepared for interacting with others.  

Get lots of alone time beforehand

If you haven’t had the chance to fully recharge your batteries yet, participating in a social self-care activity could overwhelm you.  

In the days leading up to your plans, spend as much time alone as you can. 

Set boundaries 

It is perfectly okay to set boundaries to protect your energy. In fact, more people need to get comfortable with telling other people no.  

If you have only invited two friends over, but one of them wants to bring their friends, and that isn’t something you are comfortable with, it is okay to say no. 

Observe new situations first 

If you are planning on spending time in that new coffee shop down the block it could be a good idea to go there first to scope out the situation before you spend any significant time there. Knowing exactly what to expect can help reduce any anxiety that could be circulating.  

Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated, and shouldn’t be overwhelming. It is meant to help you feel your best, and live the best life possible. I hope these self-care ideas for introverts can help. 

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