What Is A Things That I Like List (And Why You Need One)

Wat is a things that I like list

No matter how positive you try to be, sometimes life can get dark. As someone who is very happy these days, I still have my hard days and moments just like anyone else.  

There are times when life throws so much at you, that it can feel like you are drowning and you don’t know if you will ever be happy again. 

I have experienced many of those moments in my life. 

It was during one of these hard times in my life that I reached my rock bottom and was able to finally get myself unstuck and completely transform my life.  

However, sometimes you just need a good coping strategy or skill for that specific moment to help cheer you up, or pull you out of that dark place so that you can begin to think more clearly and find more permanent solutions to your problems.   

These are the times that I refer to my Things That I Like List.

What Is A “Things That I Like” List? 

A Things That I Like List is exactly what it sounds like. It is a list of everything that you like or enjoy about your life.  

Making an entire list of all these things can sound pretty silly, but it will give you something that you can rely on in the moments when you aren’t thinking clearly and may be unable to come up with any of these things at that time.

Why Should You Make A Things That I Like List? 

When times are really hard, it can feel impossible to think of anything positive in your life. Sometimes your brain just doesn’t want to go there, or you are spiraling into a gloomy cloud of negativity.

Having a list of things on hand can serve as a reminder that there are still many wonderful things about your life, and you can even refer to things on that list to help cheer you up.  

Below I am going to share my own Things That I Like List, so that I can inspire you to do the same.  

things that I like list
My dog Lucy

111 Things That I Like

  1. My wonderful husband 
  2. My amazing stepsons 
  3. My hilarious sister 
  4. My three adorable dogs 
  5. My friends 
  6. My family 
  7. Cozy blankets on a cold day 
  8. A nice hot bath 
  9. An air-conditioned house on a hot day 
  10. Puppies 
  11. The ocean 
  12. Singing to my favorite songs in the car 
  13. Having a dance party with friends or family in the kitchen 
  14. Traveling 
  15. Late night heart-to-hearts with my best friend Jessica 
  16. Peanut butter milkshakes 
  17. Movie theater popcorn 
  18. Bath bombs
  19. Helping people escape from the same overwhelm/burnout/stress that I was trapped in and helping them create their dream lives 
  20. Watching a movie with an amazing plot twist for the first time 
  21. Brunch. In particular fluffy pancakes 
  22. Farmers markets 
  23. A good batch of guacamole 
  24. A warm bowl of soup on a chilly day 
  25. Steak that is cooked just right 
  26. Being on a boat with the wind in my hair
  27. Getting to express myself through writing 
  28. Taking a great picture and thinking “Wow I look good.”  
  29. Theme parks
  30. Face masks
  31. Laughing so hard I cry 
  32. Bubbles 
  33. Board game nights with my family
  34. Frozen blended drinks when you need to let go 
  35. Floating in a pool and letting the stress melt away 
  36. The look on my stepsons’ faces when they see something they enjoy (like going to Disneyland and seeing Starwars land for the first time) 
  37. That feeling in your stomach right before you drop on a ride 
  38. Soft skin
  39. When accommodations exceed your expectations 
  40. Climbing into a bed made with freshly washed sheets 
  41. Cheesecake 
  42. Coming home to supper being ready after a long day of work 
  43. The sound of running water 
  44. Perfectly ripe strawberries 
  45. When a night is so clear that you can see the stars
  46. Journals 
  47. Crystal blue water 
  48. Surprise presents
  49. Cute baby animals 
  50. Seeing the good guy win
  51. Traveling with friends
  52. Having something unbelievable happen and thinking “this is a once in a lifetime moment.”
  53. Soft white sand beaches 
  54. Going to see a movie in the movie theater that I’ve really wanted to see 
  55. Sparkles. Or glitter. Or things with sparkles and glitter. 
  56. Foam parties 
  57. All-inclusive vacations
  58. Food that is so hot it almost burns my mouth (especially french fries) 
  59. Books that you lose yourself in 
  60. Spending quiet time out at the cabin
  61. Ice cream 
  62. Happy endings
  63. Relaxing tropical vacations
  64. Watching funny animal videos 
  65. Making other people laugh
  66. Trampolines 
  67. Adult coloring books that make me laugh 
  68. Seeing my friends succeed
  69. Freshly baked bread or pastries 
  70. Making new friends
  71. The sound of rain falling 
  72. Driving in a car with the top down 
  73. Friendly competition
  74. Snorkeling
  75. Massages 
  76. A clean house 
  77. Trying new fun drink recipes with my friends
  78. Surprising people with my vast musical tastes 
  79. Making smores over the fire
  80. Pedicures 
  81. All-you-can-eat tacos 
  82. Having a minute-to-win-it tournament every year in June for a big group of family birthdays/father’s day
  83. Playing Jackbox on the t.v with my stepsons
  84. Making up random lyrics to songs with my sister
  85. Making new friends on vacations
  86. Dancing on the beach in the rain
  87. Animal rescues
  88. Going to concerts to see some of my favorite bands in person
  89. That excited feeling I get right before I go on a trip 
  90. Watching my favorite comfort shows like Friends 
  91. Loud music 
  92. Spending time with my favorite cousins
  93. Making memories with the people that mean the most to me
  94. Backstreet boys concerts
  95. Road trips
  96. Campfires
  97. That feeling you get when you have a crush on someone new
  98. Exploring somewhere new
  99. Christmas time
  100. Making someone cry (happy tears)
  101. How excited my dogs are to see me when I come home
  102. Watching movies that make me nostalgic such as 10 Things I Hate About You, Ever After, Home Alone, Richie Rich etc. 
  103. Fresh notebooks 
  104. Rainbows 
  105. Random acts of kindness
  106. Being there for a friend or family member
  107. Fresh peas from the garden
  108. Catch-up dinners with friends I haven’t seen in a while
  109. Playing cards with friends and family
  110. Puppy cuddles
  111. Drinking ice-cold water

Things That I like
My cozy blankets are the best

Tips For Making Your Own Things That I Like List

  • Don’t overthink it
  • It sounds harder than it is – things will just start to flow out of you
  • Write your list on whatever medium you feel comfortable. On your phone, a computer, in a journal etc.
  • Keep the list in a safe, yet accessible place. I keep mine in my emergency self-care kit.

Final Thoughts On Things That I Like List…

My Things That I Like List has been a great coping skill and has cheered me up when I’ve needed it.

I hope yours does the same!

Want to share your list with me? Reach out to me on social media!

Take care of yourself.

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