What To Do With Old Journals? (5 Interesting Ideas)

A stack of pretty journals

Do you participate in journaling?

I can totally admit that before I tried it I was a skeptic. At first, it sounded like a waste of time. Keeping diaries and journals was something I did in my childhood and as a teenager. It wasn’t something I ever considered doing as an adult.

However, after I became burned out and embarked on a journey of self-love, it become one of my most valuable self-reflection tools.

Something I have struggled with is figuring out what to do with the old journals that I have already filled up.

5 Ideas for what to do with old journals

An old journal has been repurposed into art

1) Use them as tools to reflect

At the beginning of my self-love journey, the last thing I wanted to do was to re-read any of my past journal entries. They were messy, and brutally honest, and sometimes very triggering.

I had a lot of trauma that I needed to work though and then healing to do, and my pages and pages of getting to know myself better and finally confront my past experiences and emotions serves as a reminder that I was really not okay.

However, they also serve as a reminder of how far I have come. The growth that I have gone through is incredible, and by reflecting on things I have written in the past I can gain an invaluable amount of insight about who I am, and learn even more about myself in the process.

2) Type them out

I think this one is mostly something people used to do in the past, but typing up your journal entries can help you from ever losing them, and can be a different way to memorialize what you feel like are your most important thoughts.

Although, with the rise in technology, if you know you want your journal on the computer, it might save you time to simply use the technology you feel most comfortable with in the beginning.

From a blog, to a journal app, to social media there are all sorts of wonderful options out there that can be perfect for you.

3) Destroy them

The thought of getting rid of something that was once so personal to me, causes me a little bit of anxiety. I pour so much of myself into my journals that it feels like I would be destroying pieces of my own soul.

However, I also understand that there can be something extremely therapeutic about it, and if your journal entries are especially emotional, traumatic, and not something you can see yourself ever wanting to revisit in the future, than destroying them can help you to let go and finally move on.

4) Store them somewhere safe

Some people save their journals or diaries but don’t ever want to use them to reflect, and they also don’t want to destroy them either.

It’s okay to just hang onto them.

One of my close friends keeps hers so that one day she can pass them on to her daughter so that her daughter can get to know her on an even deeper level.

5) Make art out of them

I think this is such a cool idea, but I have seen people repurpose their journal pages by using them to make art. The creative possibilities are endless. It could be anything from coloring or drawing over the pages, to painting the pages, to using the pages to scrapbook with.

Or even turn them into art to display in your home.

Whatever you decide to do with your old journals isn’t a big deal, but how you used them as a tool to become a happier person is!

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