When Life Gets You Down Here Are 20 Great Things To Try

Woman sits on edge of dock with her head on her knees. She looks sad and like life is getting her down.

Have you ever heard the saying that bad things happen in sets of three? 

Well sometimes it can feel like bad things happen in sets of ten. We face one challenge just for another problem or bad thing to happen. And then another. And another. 

Before long it can feel like the entire world is against us, and it can become very overwhelming to deal with. 

Sometimes we also just have a day when our mental health isn’t doing good.

As someone who has experienced several stretches of time like that, it can be easy for those bad things to pile up on top of each other, and it to multiply the amount of stress, or sadness we are already experiencing. 

However, learning how to self-soothe or to make ourselves feel better, can be a healthy way to handle difficult situations. 

That is why I compiled a list of 20 different things you can try to make yourself feel better.

20 things to try to make yourself feel better when life gets you down

1) Listen to your favorite upbeat songs 

I have at least 50 different playlists that I have created over the years, and I will play each one depending on my current mood. I have playlists for if I feel like singing along that are full of songs that I find are the most fun to sing to. I have playlists for heartbreak (even though I haven’t experienced that one in a while). I have sad playlists for when I get all up in my feelings, and I also have ones with cheery and upbeat music for when I am going through a tough time. (I also have a Disney song playlist that I play when things are really bad) 

2) Cuddle some pets 

My dogs have gotten me through some of the toughest times in my life. There is just something about cuddling up to a cute and cuddly creature that can make you feel so much better.  

If you don’t have your own pets you can always try visiting someone you know who has pets, or even volunteer at an animal shelter, which is something I used to do as well.

3) Watch your favorite comfort show 

I am sure we all have that one television show that seems to soothe us. Maybe it’s the show you often fall asleep to, or a show you have watched 700 times now. 

For me that show is Friends. When I am feeling down and just want to relax and feel better, that is always my go-to show. 

4) Go on a walk 

Exercising and getting your body moving will help you to feel better, even if sometimes it might be the last thing you want to do. 

5) Practice self-care 

This is one thing I was always so bad at (hence the whole reason for this blog), but proper self-care can literally work miracles. When you take care of yourself, you automatically feel better.  

Taking a bath, pampering yourself, getting a massage, doing a puzzle, whatever the activities are that make you feel your best and help you relax are built for times like these. 

6) Read your favorite book 

Reading books can be the best way to go on a fun adventure, or learn something interesting, without having to go anywhere. 

7) Laugh 

Watching your favorite funny movie, or some hilarious TikTok videos can help to release endorphins that can help you feel better. 

8) Dress up 

When we look good, we feel good, and it can give us that little boost of confidence we need to have us shaking off those negative feelings. 

9) Catch up with friends 

When we aren’t feeling our best, one of our first reflexes can be to isolate ourselves from everyone else. However, connecting with someone else that understands us and wants the best for us can make such a difference and help us to feel so much better. 

10) Take a hot bath or shower 

Sinking into a hot bath after a bad day can have you emerging from the bathroom feeling like a completely new human being. 

11) Travel 

This is one that my husband and used to lean on a lot. When we really started getting down on ourselves, and not feeling great that was usually a sign that we need to change our surroundings and just get a break from our life. 

Traveling can be the best way to have you returning to your life feeling refreshed and so much better. 

If you aren’t able to travel, even planning a future trip, or looking at other destinations can help to boost your mood. 

12) Lean on your partner 

Sometimes our problems can leave us feeling like we don’t want to bother anyone else with our issues, however the love from a supportive partner can really help. 

13) Read positive quotes 

When I am feeling negative, one of the fastest ways to get a little dose of positivity is to read some quotes. Reading inspiring words from others can help to put things into perspective.

14) Journal 

Writing down your feelings can really help you express them all and get them out instead of bottling them up inside. It might be the outlet you need to start feeling better. 

15) Reminisce 

Something that sometimes cheers me up is looking back at happy memories or experiences that I have had in the past. Looking at old videos of fun trips or times with my friends, or really cool things I have experienced has boosted my mood many times, and it can do the same for you. 

16) Go to sleep 

This can seem like such a funny suggestion, almost like I am saying okay the day sucked so just give up and try again tomorrow.  

But sometimes we get overtired without even realizing it, and we are so low energy that our bodies are really trying to tell us that they are just craving some rest.  

Getting some sleep and starting a new day might be just what you need to wake up feeling better. 

17) Meditate 

Meditation encourages us to be mindful. When we meditate we focus on the moment we are experiencing and not something that happened in the past to upset us. 

18) Try some affirmations 

There are so many positive benefits to affirmations, but one of the benefits is they can help us boost our mood by changing our thoughts from negative ones, to positive. 

19) Go outside 

There are studies that show that getting more vitamin D can actually help to improve our mood and decrease depression.

20) Cook your favorite comfort meal 

Most of us have a few favorite meals that are just so comforting and make us feel good. It could be dishes you grew up with, or something you have fun making. Whatever it is, indulging with some great food can help to cheer us up. 

Final thoughts…

Knowing how to make ourselves feel better in times of crisis is a great skill to have. When we are able to cheer ourselves up on days when we are struggling, we will be able to make anything happen that we set our minds to. 

Take care of yourself.

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