10 Reasons Why Gratitude Is Important

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How many times have other people told you that they think you need to be more grateful in life? Or maybe you have heard how vital expressing gratitude can be for our happiness, but you just don’t know where to start.

Maybe you also struggle with seeing the positive in life in times of great stress.

Whatever the reason you struggle with gratitude, it has been scientifically proven that there are lots of positive benefits of gratitude.

Following are 7 reasons why gratitude is important.

Why gratitude is important for our happiness

At list of 10 reasons why gratitude is important

1) Gratitude helps to increase self-esteem

When we are constantly focusing on our mistakes, weaknesses, or what is missing in our lives, it can cause our self-esteem to plummet.

But when we are able to concentrate on the positive things in our lives, like our abilities, strengths, and all the good things about ourselves, it will help to increase our confidence and self-esteem.

2) Can reduce depression

Depression is a monster that feeds on all things negative. From negative self-talk to negative overthinking, depression can push us into this negative spiral and trap us there.

Gratitude can help be the opposite of that. It can help shift our negative self-talk and negative thoughts into positive ones. This will help to increase our mood and reduce our depression because we are focused on the happy things in life.

3) We can sleep better

Do you suffer from nighttime anxiety like I used to before I started my self-love journey?

I always had difficulty sleeping because my negative thoughts, worries, and all the stress from the day would come flooding to my mind at night.

When we focus on the positive, and the things we are grateful for, it can banish all those worries and enable us to sleep easier at night.

4) It can improve our physical health

Many people have problems with their physical health because of inflammation. Stress is a big cause of inflammation in our bodies.

Gratitude decreases our stress levels, which in turn can help to decrease our inflammation. The decrease in stress can also help to increase our motivation when it comes to looking after our physical self-care which will cause an increase in our physical health.

5) Gratitude can increase our energy levels

Feeling depressed, not getting enough sleep at night, focusing on the negative, and having decreased physical health are all things that will lead to having decreased energy levels throughout the day.

When we increase our gratitude, it helps with all of these things and increases our happiness which will give us a boost of energy.

6) It can increase our resilience

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from difficult situations. Being resilient can mean that we have increased our mental toughness, and we are able to bounce back easier from stress, or even not let tough situations have a negative effect on us.

Being resilient depends on being positive and optimistic which is increased when we focus on what we are grateful for in life.

7) It can decrease chronic pain

Studies have actually shown that gratitude can help to decrease chronic pain. While it may be difficult to think about the things when you are grateful for when you are in pain, thinking about happy and positive things makes it more difficult to think about the negative parts of our pain.

While physical pain is obviously a physical sensation, there are parts of pain that are psychological. So when we can get our mind to focus on the good, we don’t feel the bad as much.

8) Gratitude can improve our relationships

When we are focusing on the positive in life, it is easier to find the best in other people. Our thoughts are focused on what we are appreciative of when it comes to other people, instead of what we wish they would do differently instead.

These positive thoughts actually help us to treat those around us with more kindness and more love, which will improve our relationships. This also starts a cycle, because when we are treating those around us better, they will notice that and begin to treat us better and even like us more as a result, which further improves our relationships and gives us even more to be grateful for.

9) It can make us more positive in general

When our minds start to focus more on the positive aspects of life, we start to seek out and notice even more of the positive things happening around us. This means our memories will start to become more positive as well.

10) It can reduce jealousy and comparison

When we are more focused on the things we are grateful for in life, it gives us less space to think about what we wish we could have instead.

Feeling insecure and having low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth is what causes jealousy in the first place.

When we practice gratitude instead, our confidence increases because we will be happier and increase our self-worth.

So how do we increase our gratitude?

We can increase the amount of gratitude we experience daily by following tips to increase our gratitude such as meditation, being more mindful, and increasing our self-care.

I find that reading quotes about gratitude helps to put things in perspective for me as well, and reminds me about what is truly important in life.

I hope this helped!

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