4 Surprising Reasons Why Your Manifestation Is Not Working

A woman stands in front of a vision board with manifestations on it, with sticky notes with manifestations on her face

Not everyone loves or believes in manifestation, which is fine.

When people ask me my personal opinion on manifestation, I often give them an answer they were not expecting to hear– I do believe in manifestation for the most part–but not always.

Let me explain.

Where I believe manifestation can help us, is that it helps us to become more positive and helps change our negative thoughts into positive ones, and helps us to focus on our goals and what is really important.

I also believe manifestation can help to build our confidence or help us sleep at night, help to reduce stress, or other things we might use it as a tool to help us to focus on.

But I don’t believe that you can just manifest whatever you want and then sit back waiting for something to happen and it will magically just work. That if you manifest becoming a millionaire five times a day and spin around, or type “333” under a picture on Instagram that all of a sudden your wildest dreams come true.

That is actually something called blind optimism, which actually has a negative effect on us.

In order for manifestations to work, you still have to put in the work.

But it is more that I do believe in the power of positive thinking and the power of focus, and I do believe that both of those things can completely change your life.

And manifestation is a great tool for that.

That being said, there are:

4 main reasons why your manifestation is not working

1) You aren’t clear about exactly what you want

In order for a manifestation, or any goal for that matter, to become a reality we need to be crystal clear about what it is that we want. If we want to make more money for example, we need to put an exact dollar amount on it. If we want to accomplish something, we need to have an exact date we want to accomplish it by.

2) You are too afraid of what other people might think about you

The fear of what other people might think about us holds so many of us back from being truly happy. It is the same when it comes to goal setting or manifestation.

Some of us are too afraid to speak about our dreams and goals because we are worried about what our friends and family might say, or are worried that they will laugh at us and think that our goals are unrealistic.

3) You don’t fully commit to your goals

If we let our insecurities or doubt get in the way, it leads to us often not fully committing to what it is that we want. When we aren’t committed to something, we aren’t fully focused on it. We have one foot in and one foot out, and this will not help our manifestations to be successful.

4) You are doing nothing about those manifestations

Like I said above, if we manifest something but then take no physical or mental action towards it, it is not going to work. Manifestations still require action on our part.

It is a quote about manifestation that says ask for what you want and be prepared to get it by maya angelou

What can you do to make your manifestations work?

1) Write out your goals

When we write our goals down on paper, or in a journal, we become crystal clear about what we want to achieve and how we are going to make that happen.

We need to write with absolute clarity and specifics.

It can also be helpful to write as if we have already achieved that goal. Like we already have the body, the job, the income that we want. We should write down what that feels like, what our life would look like.

2) Attach your emotions to the goal

Instead of focusing on what we want, it is helpful to focus on how having what we want will make us feel. List the exact emotions we would be feeling and then sit and focus on those.

3) Decide who you need to be to make those goals a reality

Think about the type of person you will be if you achieve that goal you want. What type of person do you need to be to make that happen?

It can be helpful to use I am statements to increase your confidence and show yourself that you, right now, are able to make this a reality.

For example: I am strong. I am a hard worker. I am brave.

By using these tips, you will be one step closer to success!

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